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SMX West 2018 Keyword Bootcamp – What’s New for Keyword Research and Copywriting

The very renowned contributor and SMXpert Christine Churchill answered the questions of attendees who participated in the SMX West 2018 Keyword Bootcamp and the questions were related to keyword research and copywriting technique. Let’s See the session of question answers here: Question: For businesses that have multiple locations in different states across the US, how can you find keywords specific to different regions? (The assumption seems to be that we… Read More »

Google Trends and Insights

Google Trends and Insights Internet plays a very important role in today’s life. In the present time, people are quite busy in doing multi-tasking things at one time therefore having better tools at their end make their life easy and comfortable. Internet is one such thing that gives them access to acquire information on diverse topics or subjects at the same time. To get relevant results to their subjects, they… Read More »