5 Major Upcoming Trends of Search Engine Optimization in 2018

upcoming trends of SEO

In the last one decade, Digital marketing has emerged with a number of changes and people love to adopt each of the new or trendy concepts to promote their brand and enhance their business status online. It is really important for the businessmen to adopt the newly emerged concepts of SEO to be the part of the growing and developing businesses rather striving for generating the leads from traditional practices. As the world is growing with new technologies likewise digital marketing is also growing and it enables the brand to grow and have great business ahead. As everyone is aware of the fact that in today’s world digital marketing is the best way of promotion and it is truly benefiting the small scale and large scale industries to boost their business, so with the emergence of new year, the marketing strategy is again revived and emerged with some new concepts that certainly going to benefit every business. The new concepts of digital marketing are as follows:

Voice search and digital assistants

Nowadays, the way of searching over Google platform has changed as the new concept of voice search and digital assistants have emerged. The new technology of voice search is one of the great changes in which the platform communicates and processes the information accordingly. According to the Google data, 1 out of 5 searches has already come from voice queries. This change in searching is expected to get a great shift towards voice search in 2018 rather than the manual typing search. When it comes to SEO, then the only benefit with this change is that people can easily search the long tail keywords by their voice. The platform understands the native language and brings results accordingly.

Link building

The prime focus of SEO can’t be neglected by the SEO professionals, no matter how wonderful technologies will come into digital marketing. In 2018, it becomes quite important for the professionals to create strategy that seeks out quality links, it is not necessary to aim for new links even if they are not adding value in building the domain authority. A successful SEO strategy in 2018 will move towards relationship building and it enables the brand to develop the powerful contacts and links that will be beneficial in a longer term. The biggest challenge for the professionals will be to deal with the guest blogs and involve them as an integral part of a link building strategy. Under Google guideline it is very clear to the professionals that while using the guest blogs make sure to use the back linking in such a way that it becomes an attempt to control spammy and questionable links. This process will enable the professionals to have more diversified link building strategy which eventually aims to complete backlink profile, rather than single links that can bring successful results.

User Experience 

Google is quiet concerned to provide the best user experience to their customers so it is advised to all the professionals to make the site in such a way that it delivers a smooth UX for their visitors. The better the user experience, the chances are more to engage the customers and enable them to discover which pages are more useful for them. The first step is to monitor the site’s speed, its navigation and examine its readability, etc. It is important for the professionals to look the browsing habit of the customers and this will be helpful insights. UX will be the key to maintain the search traffic by providing relevant and personalized experiences and it eventually engages the audience.

Mobile-First Index

2018 will be the year when most of the businessmen will realize the potential of putting mobile first, rather than catering to mobile as an afterthought. It is assumed that Google will soon decide to make 2018 the year it finally deploys its mobile-first index. It has observed through a survey that approx.. 57% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. Therefore it is expecting that soon such algorithm will come through which the prime focus of the businessmen will be providing best service over mobile devices rather than desktop. So mobile content is required to be in order to have the best chance of being visible in mobile search and the reason for mobile indexing is today’s smartphone through which people are capable of doing every important task over mobile rather than desktop.

Virtual Search 

It has observed that people in today’s world are more involved in virtual search as it is the best combination of technological innovation and user experience. The power of visual search is gaining more popularity these days as it efficiently connects the customers with the brand and it eventually enable potential customers to view the business on their own and decide to be the customer of the company or not. The major companies including Pinterest, Bing and Google have started investing into the virtual search and develop the power of this new trend. Rich visuals of the company easily engage the customers and enable them to strengthen the power of having more and more clientele in this competitive world. As the competition increases, more companies seem to acknowledge the potential of a successful visual search, while brands need to focus even more on optimizing their visual content for SEO purposes.

Other than these major new trends that are emerging in 2018, Artificial intelligence and machine learning and Improved SEO are other important aspects on which professionals must focus. These trends will soon come up with a number of changes in the business, so it is important for the businessmen to pull up the socks and start working on each of these strategies that Google has insisted to businessmen. The pre-planning of each of these strategies will help the businessmen to have a great existence and visibility over internet. On the other hand, these strategies will certainly boost the brand to have more clientele which eventually bring more business to the professionals, so don’t just wait. Start working on these strategies to have a good business in the year 2018

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