What Else Really Matters in SEO Content Beyond Keywords

Beyond keywords, SEO-friendly writing is the way to go for the professionals and come up with high quality content, says contributor Jessica Foster. Here are some of the other eight ways that a professional can implement to create high quality and informative content to satisfy the search engine as well as people who are looking for the same.

Keyword Research, The Right

Keyword research is the prime concern of every professional who want to come up with high quality content. Though the blog is all about other components other than keywords that can enhance the quality of content for SEO, but just because keywords are still a component of SEO content so one can’t ignore it. It is important but in the way it was traditionally.

Firstly: While writing the content, the first approach of the professional is to write content that can easily fit into the existing SEO strategy. Though it is one of the common problems that professionals find in SEO Content, but one has to work on it.

It has observed that many businessmen outsource their SEO copywriting with collaboration of writer and set a list of keywords on which the writer has to write, but it is it is unlikely that the writer really understands the fundamentals of using keywords especially its density and this results incohesive content and not even seo friendly.

Secondly: When the writer is assigned to work on the new content then keyword research is important beyond the data because SEO tools are not the way that will help the professional in finding what kind of a SEO content really engages the users. Doing Google search on the target keywords will help you in finding the right keywords that are on top and by using the top ranking keywords, one can write the seo friendly content that will certainly beneficial for the writer in engaging the target viewers.

By writing the high quality content, one can certainly enhance the ranking due to great SEO strategy. This should be your main focus for the SEO writer.

Get Organized

How often it happens with you that a new content idea strikes you and immediately you started putting finger on the keyword?

Well, being a content writer it happens once in a blue moon. It is really important for a professional to be organized. A writer must need to plan a strategy for writing the content as content is “stream-of-consciousness” and if it is not written well then, there is a difference between having a conversational tone and writing whatever comes into your brain. To bring the flow in the content along with creativity, one has to put a lot of effort in brain storming and create an outline of the potential post or page, which comprises with heading, title, etc. It is also important to figure out which content fits where in your website to serve the best purpose. One should also take call on deciding how to use internal links. Having a plan will both help in overall organization and it also helps you to understand where you are lacking so that you can work on it in next time.

ntegrity & Authenticity Matter

The term integrity and authenticity are just like the fake formula in SEO field, but when it comes to content writing then they plays a vital role for the professionals because the blend of authenticity and integrity drives more traffic (i.e.) to the website. And when traffic comes over a website then you can evaluate how many authentic content writing matters for SEO field. There are many other tricks and tactics to drive traffic to a page, but what matters the most is to bring genuine leads to the website and that can only come when a there is an authentic content placed over the website and it easily convince a user to buy the product or service online.

In today’s time to gain more profit, people are practicing shady marketing tactics and manipulating the traditional methods which simply doesn’t work anymore for the businessmen in the long run. Whereas putting efforts genuinely on content writing to bring the integrity and authenticity in the content will certainly help professionals to fetch more traffic in present as well as in future. The content should be SEO friendly and ethical so that it can easily ranks over the web and bring huge traffic on the website. Otherwise, people may lose their existing customers also after sometime.

Know your target audience

Writing a genuine content is not enough for the professionals because it is also important for them to find the right target audience and accordingly bring the information to convince the reader. And to convince the reader, it is important to know the target audience, their expectations and what they are looking for. Once the writer finds the target audience then they can easily pen down the important information or relevant interesting facts that they are looking for a long time and this exercise certainly help professionals to meet the immediate need of the reader. While writing the content, professional can even go for fresh and engaging content ideas, use attractive or trendy language that appeals them the most. These are some of the practices the professionals can implement to know the target audience and work on more to bring their attention towards your content. If the content is very well written according to your target audience, then it hardly takes the time of one day to get the lead and if the content is not written in context of your target customers, then it will be like you are leaving money on the table.

Micro-Engagement Makes the Difference

Always writing long term content may not be a successful strategy of a professional. It is also important to keep readers engaged throughout the micro engagement contents. The art of micro-engagement can take your SEO content to the next level. When it comes to try something different tactics then it is important to engage users with some crisp, informative and fantastic write up that engages readers and make them happy.

Here are Some Suggestions to Boost Micro-Engagement:

• Numbered or bulleted lists

• Engaging photos (that are relevant to the text)

• Funny GIFs or memes

• Informative and interesting videos

• Infographics

• Quizzes or surveys

• Visually appealing design

• Calls to action

• Block quotes

• Bold text

• Thought-provoking questions

• Stories

• Examples

• Helpful tips

Content ‘Freshness’ and Competitive Analysis where it counts

Readers get bored while reading the same kind of content on the daily basis, so it is important to come up with fresh content along with competitive analysis as well. It is also important for the professionals to come up with unique ideas out into the world. Scroll through any SEO or digital marketing site and analyze how competitive or fresh content is available there and it can be really a good way to work on the website other than keywords. Whenever you are about to write a new piece of content, look to see what your competitors are doing, and consider how you can take it up a notch because rewriting, editing or working on the same topic again and again won’t help you in anyway.


Data is Everything

In order to grow your business, it is important to have a clear SEO content data. SEOs and business owners alike should be looking to see what content is performing well, and why. It is important to track the conversions and analyse what works more and what should you imply next time. This kind of data analysis will help the professionals to understand what kind of a content they should prepare in future that can work best for their business benefit. There are some websites that stays on top of analytics will not only show you the numbers in terms of traffic, but the on page bounce rate and other important valuable metrics will indicate how content is performing well. Without the knowledge one cannot take the call that what he/she do for the upgradation of their project, therefore analysis is the best medium to understand how things can work in their case.

Trying to following the data will definitely help the professionals in analysing that whether they are working on the right track or not. Following the data analysis will certainly help the organisation to grow and improve their ability for better quality business.


To close

It really becomes important for the professionals to write the content in such a way that it appeals to masses and become close to them. It is one of the fundamentals of SEO to engage more and more people on the website and also get rid of bounce rate. Engaging content not only creates a better engagement rate but also enhances the reputation of the brand. It is also bound to drive the traffic that you deserve. So, be focused to be close with the target customer as it will definitely bring you better results.

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