Google De-indexed Billions of Websites – What Can be the Reason and Solution?

google deindexed billions of website

A website meant to be informative and lead generative. What if someone misuses the website contents and images? Of course, it is an illegal offense to pilfer the property of other website owners who have copyright of their website contents & images. Everyone wants its web page to be smart, impressive and luring the clients but it should not be copied from the other web holders.

People usually do not use their creative minds, instead of converting ideas into own words, they prefer to use the whole contents as it is which is wrong and illegal. Google bots crawl the websites and check the backend coding system. If robots find anything offensive or unusual, it may inform the Google to de-index the website. In the latest research, we found that Google has de-indexed around 1.75 billion websites due to higher copyright requests received through many companies. The actual data can be availed at the copyright section of Google transparency reports by following the given link:

This report provides accurate data of takedown requests, pending URLs, invalid URLs, duplicated URLs, and more. Google is quick to response the request with zero spending rates. Expected rate of copyright requests has been increased up to 53% with mere rejection chances.

It also a well-known fact that Google serves as an informative search engine, not working as the cleaner of copied websites. it is the owner of the copyrights contents and images who has the complaint against the culprit. The Owner submits the web page in URLs removal section. Google team, once received the notification, review the requests.

If Google team found the request genuine, then the said offending URL may be removed from the search results, however, admin of the website will be sent notification through search console. Though many of the time, opposite party may raise the counter question with and Google again considers the request whether the contents to be indexed or not.

Why may Google de-index the website?

We already informed you that Google bots crawl the website, not inspect the authenticity of the article, it is the human or competitors who sent content copyright request to the Google and Google team take necessary action. Here are some of the reasons, apart from content copyrights, of de-indexing of websites by the Google:

  • If the website contents are illegal, copied, harmful, abusive and offending
  • If you have accidentally requested Google not to index the website.
  • If your domain expired or your forget to renew the domain
  • If we hosting severe got crashed.
  • If the website is linked to the other sites having similar contents.
  • If your website offering links or affiliate links to many sites within a short span of period.
  • If website owner using hidden links to astray the Google
  • If the website is not fulfilling the criteria of Google updates.

There might be several reasons of de-indexing of your website. You need to analyze the same through Google Webmasters and Google Analytics. Once your website got deindexed or disappeared from the searches, you May get your website back within in a month or more depending upon the actual reasons. Just follow the Google guidelines and save your website to get deindexed.

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