Google Image Search Update Guidelines

Google has finally refreshed content for its image search publishing guidelines.

Recently Google has updated its Google Image Publishing Guidelines document which also comprises with page speed, adding more details around, structured data, page speed, title management and user experience details. The new guidelines have updated a number of things for a better user experience which includes optimizing placement, embedding tips, good context, device-friendly sites and good URL structure for your images. In addition, the company also explained that how the image titles work since the change.

Google also added some sections which comprises of diverse actions. In one section it added structured data for product, video and recipe markup whereas in other section it added information related to speed and it comprises with the information of PageSpeeds Insights tool, AMP and responsive image techniques.

These guidelines are quite helpful for the professionals and people who want to know how it helps the professionals they can compare them with the old guidelines over here.

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