Report: Google Pays $9 Billion To Apple In Order To Remain the Default Search Engine On Safari

We are aware of Google and apple but, if the recent developments are to be believed then, Apple is in the process of making a boatload of money from Google.

From the firm of Wall Street, a report says that Google will be paying a whopping amount of money to Apple to be the default search engine on safari. It has been estimated that $9 billion dollars will be paid in the recent months whereas the amount is going to increase in the following years to come. Safari is a browser on all the Apple computers and iPhones and Google being the default can bring out the tremendous change in the profits.

google pay apple to make default search engine

Google is ready to pay the amount that is ranging from $1 billion to 9$ dollar within four years. In the year 2014, the court documented a copyright suit which is against Google which stated that the apple received $1 billion from its competitors. Whereas the companies of the Wall Street estimated the amount somewhere around $1 to $1.3 billion dollars. Apple is one of the leading brands and Google would not leave any point where they can do business together.

The year 2017 had different updates on google and apple as the estimates from the third party brought about the changes in the figure such as Google will be paying to apply an amount of $3 billion dollars. There were no explanations that the payments consisted of traffic rates or was on the query volume etc. There were doubt and discrepancy about the reasons behind the increased cost. Whether it was due to an increase in the traffic or a part of the revenue has been shared. It is said that the profit generated by safari had to be shared as it was included in the agreement.

When discussing web browsers, chrome is leading and followed by safari or opera. This ranking is done on the global basis and the second position keeps fluctuating. If you see on the global level, you will notice that safari has the second position in the share market.

The scenario in June 2013 was quite different. Apple had made a contract with Bing and it was the default browser only for Siri but not the safari on all the systems. Hence in 2017 google got into a contract and made a deal to be the default browser on safari replacing Bing. Recently Google is the only web searching result on Siri from 2017 onwards.

The analysts from the Wall Street are overjoyed to mark the growth of apple, its revenue and the services offered by them. Recent reports have revealed that $9.55 billion dollar profit has been made which is approximately 31% since the last year. The payment made by Google to apple has made a remarkable difference in the share market.

Many people would be wondering, why would Google want to be the default on iPhone? The answer is very simple, safari is the second leading browser which is because of iPhone. Google becoming the defaults means it can remain the single most giant browser.

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