Google Rolls Out a New Image Search Desktop Design On Its 20TH Anniversay

At the 20th anniversary event of the company, Google rolled out a new image search design for desktop. After some testing, the new designs add titles and captions with the addition of the URL to the image thumbnails, adding images to the top filter with more options. One can cover the search engine land, which is a new desktop design which brings it more in-line with the image search results in the mobile version.

mobile first indexing

What you should do about Mobile-first indexing?

Other than the new mobile image design changes, like captions on images, the URL of the image, there is also a new filter bubble at the top. Google shared a few concern in the Google web search help forum where they are talking about the temporary experiments which were running for their Google images, and they also clarify that now most users will view the newly launched and announced Google Images UI. They are also being diligent in monitoring everything and are waiting for feedback to shape and improve the Google Images’ future iterations.

Google is pushing to update the look of their search for images with its overhauling search experience. This idea is twofold;

  • More engagement and clicks are driven, making the results less static
  • With Google’s commerce ambitions leading people to more conversions on purchases to help

From the day of the launch, Google will also show more contexts around the images which can also include captions which shows one the title of the webpage. Each image is published on that particular webpage. This feature is critical which helps one understand the page behind the image and Google will also suggest search terms which are related at the top of the page for more guidance for the users. After introducing for mobile, now Google has come up for the desktop where one can do the complex tasks at hand on a larger screen.

Metadata SupportT

Google has also announced that it has added a support for the Credit metadata and the Creator so that whenever possible it can present to images on the Google Images. Google will also be adding a Copyright Notice metadata.

Summary of Changes

  • Below the images, in the search results, there are image thumbnails which have captions
  • Below the image thumbnail, one can see there is the URL of the image source
  • Now to the top of the search result pages, one can see that the new image-based filters are added
  • Changing the bubble filter colors, the mobile image search design changed the green bubble filter to white.
  • Another addition to the image search list is the new creator and credit metadata support

Why Should One Care?

Google uses the title tag from the page where the image is searched and found on, and its caption is used for the search results of these images. Everybody will like to know for sure that the title tags used on the pages are descriptive and relevant to the image. SEOs should look at the new Credit metadata and the new Creator as well to see how they can be used.

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