Google Says – Soon People are Capable To Buy Tickets by Voice Enabled Feature


With the rapidly changing time, Google Assistant is becoming more advanced in making the transaction easier on smartphones, smartwatches and Google Home. And people who are still waiting for a virtual assistants as a search alternative or a commerce platform, then soon the wait is going to over as this chore is in Google’s Pipeline.

The day is not far away when Google is rolling out an improved movie-ticket buying experience for people with Fandango and one can even experience its 1.0 version of this. However, Google will soon enhance the update and people will get facilitated with the feature of transaction entirely with voice and afterwards both with voice and touch.

As Google with working with Fandango, so people can buy movie tickets by using their voice. When it comes to buy movie tickets, people just need to say “buy tickets” once and later insert the name of the movie. One can also enjoy experiencing the one to one communication with Google and get tickets by saying “Hey Google, get me tickets for…” and insert the name of the movie. Lastly, one can also buy advance tickets for upcoming movies with the same feature.

While booking the tickets, people are allowed to reserve seat as Google will hand off to Fandango to allow seat selection.

Apart from these features, soon there may be some more announcements from Google against the seat reservation, booking or scheduling the movie tickets. Voice enabled Google Assistant will soon help the people in number of ways. Other than Google, the third-party booking engine are also coming up with Knowledge Panel which ultimately act like Google Assistant. The Significant implications to this discovery are as below:

Some of the reasons why Google is doing it are as follows:

  • Users want Google to better fulfil user objectives and expectations.
  • Ads may be less viable than transaction fees on smartwatches and Google Home devices (without screens).
  • It diminishes the importance of mobile apps, something Google has tried to accomplish from day one.
  • Google has a great move to compete with both Apple and Amazon as it builds out its developer and virtual assistant ecosystems. Google wants something similar to Siri of Apple and Alexa of Amazon, which enables the user to get done their all tasks by voice enabled feature.

Now, people will soon get the news to enjoy the feature of Google buying tickets by voice enable features.

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