Have you been able to notice the changes on your website traffic or ranking?

This is a worthwhile question because there is a confirmation from Google that it has made minor changes or updates in the algorithm in the search engine system. It is Danny Sullivan from Google who made this announcement on Twitter in the past week. There are no major updates but, smaller one was made and it is highly significant. It is because of this update that your Google rankings have changed. The traffic to your website is changing and the update in the algorithm is responsible for changes.

change on your website traffic or ranking

What is the actual change?

Google is the largest and a giant search engine keeps upgrading the algorithm in its search ranking so that users can get the most useful and relevant results. The changes impact each and every website the only difference is, some has larger influence whereas some have smaller per cent. But, the recent update was made on a smaller scale as stated from Google. It is the duty of the users to find out the changes and work accordingly for better rankings.

Who was affected by the update?

There are no clear results of its impact as yet as Google has no notification on which are the website that had concentrated influence. The only notification released from Google was about the changes without any proper specifications.

What has to be done?

The most important question in this situation is, what is the next step for the users? It is quite simple according to the experts, check the rankings and traffic to your website, if it is stable then, you do not need to do anything. Every person should continue with their normal techniques. But, if your website has suffered then you need to put in extra effort to get back your traffic and rankings. The changes have influenced the site and it is for the good because you can now get better results for your website. Hence the advice from the Google is for improving the rankings by fixing the issues.

3 Advice from Google?

  • Every day there is an update which is designed for improving search results. Most of them are specific in nature but the last one was a hardcore algorithm change. This is done for several times in a year.
  • With these updates, you will witness shoot up or downfall in the website traffic or rankings. The issues are not with the pages that are causing poor performance. You need to upgrade the system for better results.
  • You do not need to fix the pages and expect better or worst performances. You just need to focus on the creation of excellent content.

What do you mean by algorithm upgrade?

Google usually makes these updates when they think there is a need for better results and ranks of the websites. As we have learnt, the changes have a greater or smaller influence on the sites and it is not mandatory that each and every website will have an impact. To know more about the algorithm updates continue reading of the selected coverage.

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