How Can An Organisation Build In-House Search Marketing Team

When the board members of the company have already taken a call to set an in-house team of marketing within an existing organization, then the prime step of the organization is to find that what will be the focus or goal of the search marketing team will be? And the second step will be to decide how the team will work with rest of the organization. Some of the tasks should be search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), content, social and email and may span business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-business ( B2B) or both. Apart from providing the right task to do, it is important for an organization to have a project management team who will look after the progress of the tasks and ensure that whether the team is working good or not.

Teams and structure

The embedded team

If you are one of the professionals who have an existing search functions within the organization then it may be easier for you to settle down the other team. One team will be handling its own SEO and SEM projects under the specialists whereas the other team will be handling its own project. When there are two teams are working in the same organization, then there will be definitely some communication and collaboration will go on and the sharing of diverse ideas, tools and other benefits will surely help the organization to attain maximum output from the same. This can really bring a number of growth opportunities for the organization.

The centralized team

In a centralized team, the professionals will report to the in-house search team. In this form of team structure, the set-up of the team can be in different ways. In this team structure, the management of the company will give accountability to each member of the team for having one or more projects. Every member has to give their 100% to give the best result in handing diverse projects all together. In this structure it is possible to make a trouble ticket system which can analyze the highest priority issues of the project and deliver it with flawless result.

The matrixed team

The matrixed team structure lies in between the both structures i.e. embedded and centralized teams. In this structure, there is a central in house team present in the organization, but they are embedded with various other responsibilities of the company. In this structure, they will be treated as the member of the team but their role will be to support the team from outside of the team as an additional support.

Where to Settle Down Search Marketing Team

When the management is all set to go for hiring and setting up an in house marketing team, then they need to decide where they can settle down the team within the organization. Apart from finding the roles, responsibilities and their reporting, it is important to find where they will be settling down and who will be the other team working next to them, because placing a team in an area where it is not effectively supporting the other team is useless. So, one need to find the right team to execute this newly hired team to work efficiently.

Marketing Team

Well, marketing team can be the best place where search engine marketing team can be placed. If the existing marketing team i.e. traditional marketing team sits with the newly hired marketing team, then it can be a good idea because, they can not only share their ideas in between, but also guide that how well they can do the marketing for the betterment of the company. The achievements of traditional marketing team will boost the vision of other marketing team as well and compel them to work better and achieve the maximum profit. This can be quite good for the organization.

IT and Development Team

Well, the search engine team can take more benefit from the IT and development team while making some technical changes and requirements through Google, Facebook and any other platform. The internet and development tea, can teach some of the important aspects of the development to the newly hired search marketing team for their and company’s betterment. Helping each other in the organization is not only the personal help but assistance for company’s growth as well. So, they can work very well being together.

Design Team

If the company has an existing team of designing then management can take the call to ask the search engine team to sit along with the designing team. The blend of designing and marketing team will certainly help the organization to brilliantly accomplish a project. The designing team can help the search and marketing team to design some of the social media posts that can be helpful for the marketing team to promote the brand and get maximum response from them. It can be a really good combination of search engine marketing and designing team. So, try once.

Search Marketing Team

The organization can even decide to have a separate team of search marketing group which can work all alone and handle all the projects on their own without the help of any other team. The organization can even ask them to perform well, so that they can help the team to have more good projects and reputation within the organization. While taking the decision of separate group of search marketing team, the management needs to ensure that the team must have the leader who takes lead the team in best possible way and bring best result to the organization. This can be a little bit challenging for the leader, but a good leadership can really help the organization to deliver successful projects and grant a more enhancement in the upcoming projects.

The success and achievement attained by hard work of their own will help the team to work more enthusiastically and get rewards for the same. And if the brand get a great success, then certainly the team will get appreciation and some other perks as well.

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