Best Marketing Strategy For Online Shopping Portals

marketing strategy for online shopping portal

Online shopping has become a trend around the world. With different shopping portals emerging, it can be extremely competitive to stay in the list of customers. Conversion of potential customers to repetitive customers does not just depend on the product and service but also on the marketing strategies. The best marketing strategy for the online shopping portal helps it to strive and look different among the crowd. These strategies have the power to attract new customers, retain them, and convert them into potential buyers.

importance of marketing strategy

Importance of Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy plays a vital role in deciding the traction of a business. A blend of well-designed portal and marketing strategy can take it to heights. Marketing strategy is essential because:

  • They help to extract and provide products and services that maximize the profitability of a firm.

  • A well-researched marketing strategy provides for a surveyed product price and selection as per the customer segment.

  • The best points and unique value proposition is brought forth by the customers using the best marketing strategy for the online shopping portal.

  • A defined work on the portal would help in better communication and impact. It would help to know the customers better, thereby improving customer relationships.
digital marketing strategy

Best Marketing Strategies

The Marketing Strategy can be the most confusing part of a business. They help in the promotion, attraction, reliability, and selling of products and services. A great marketing strategy is what can give wings to fly high. The best of all is a make of smartness and what a customer wants. The best of all marketing strategies are:

  • Quizzes: They help to know the customers better and identify the best customer segment. Making use of the ToFu (Top of the Funnel) strategy, quizzes as a part of the best marketing strategy for the online shopping portal can help to create the customer funnel that guides them to the most potential customer. They also help to know about the segment that one can transform into potential customers.

  • Gifts and sales: Every shopaholic loves to get presents and deals. Holiday seasons, festivals, and special offers can be irresistible to anyone. Increasing their frequency, on the practical and profitable basis can lead to better rush and becoming a common choice amidst the online shopping lovers.

  • Promotions: Promotions are the only way to let people know about a portal and the products and services it renders to people. Social media Marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, etc. are the best marketing strategy for the online shopping portal as they help to promote and induce a trend amongst people. They help to stay on the minds of the customers and remind them to approach for their shopping needs.

  • Membership: A membership-based business marketing strategy works best by attracting more customers. Putting forth the benefits of choosing membership plans and displaying the difference in prices and privileges a member receives, sets the stone of success. By making the subscription as a lightbox in the portal can help it stand out and get a distinct view that it should receive.

  • Discounts: Can a shopper ever say no to reduced prices? Never. The discounted price can come out to be the best marketing strategy for the online shopping portal providing a boost to the shoppers by choosing products into their wishlist. A wishlist discount and frequent discount, along with an expected product and service can make the portal amongst the top favorite for their needs.

  • Product recommendations: Suggesting products as per the shopping patterns of a customer can further make them feel loved and valued. These recommendations would not just be a boost to the buyer but would also attract and retain customers. It can further help the customer reach and get the product they have always wanted to have.

  • Abandoned cart emails: It can be challenging to persuade a customer to buy stuff. The best marketing strategy for the online shopping portal to revive the lost customer is by sending them abandoned cart emails. These are the products that the customers wanted to buy and had almost segregated but have not bought them. A trigger and adding recommendations to these emails would further boost up the customer to search and buy their dream product.

  • Customer Reviews: Everyone looks forward to how the product went for everyone else. Including customer reviews in the promotional emails and below the product purchase option can help a buyer learn more about the quality of the product. It can also help them know how the product seems to be and if it stands up to the expectations.

  • Free shipping: It can be the best marketing strategy for the online shopping portal as it would push a buyer to go further. Free shipping often comes out after a certain amount of shopping is done. As a smart buyer, everyone would want to save little greens and invest it into a product over to shipping costs. To remind the customer about the free shipping would not just benefit them but can also be a talk for the potential customer segment.

  • Referral Marketing: Referral marketing brings benefits to both the customer and the portal owner. For every referral, a customer brings, gives a little discount to them. Higher the references, the higher would be the discount rate. The seller, on the other hand, gets a bigger crowd to serve.

  • CTA: It can be one of the best marketing strategy for the online shopping portal. A call-to-action link provides a customer with the exact destination to search for the stuff they need. These links are the direct destinations and can be within the promotional emails, digital posters, and much more. Encompassing different CTA can help the customer choose and serve themselves with the exact product they have in mind.

  • Content Writing: Effective content can help reach a better crowd. It helps to reach the minds of the consumers better and also make them relate and magnetize them. Poor content may not attract many customers and deprive them of the strengths of the portal. Content in the portal can be the best marketing strategy for the online shopping portal if done effectively and efficiently. Proper use of SEO and the most searched content can further help with increased traffic.
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  • Affiliate Marketing: One of the most common ways of increasing traffic is by going for affiliate marketing. Choosing the right partners for promoting the portal and proper pricing strategies can grow brand awareness. It can also convey the best message in limited space and time.

Marketing strategies are the best to promote and bring business on track. Using the best marketing strategy for the online shopping portal, along with expected products and services and taking good care of customer needs, can make a firm of great value.


Most of the shopping portals are open to accepting different types of credit and debit cards. Credit accounts usually have some specific deadlines and terms and conditions. The shopping portals also accept cash on delivery for those customers who do not rely on online payments.
Tracking of a shipping parcel done using the parcel number. Tracking makes use of maps and written details at different stages of delivery. One of the best marketing strategy for the online shopping portal is to make use of reliable and cost-efficient shipping cost. The firm calculates the shipping cost based on the parcel and delivery location of the customer.
Most of the shopping companies deliver their products to a different parts of the world. Almost every e-commerce firm has its dealers and suppliers in different places. The shipment cost and time can change as per the location.
Yes! It is very much possible for a customer to change the address over time. The portal also allows a customer to have more than one address in their profile and choose the address where the package should be delivered. It helps a person to select the location more conveniently.
Presenting the best marketing strategy for the online shopping portal is not enough. If the product does not present quality in them, customers will drive off. The quality of the product and service should be as mentioned, and the promises should be kept intact. The warranty of the goods should be as the original company states it to be. It should stand up to the warranty and should not show any signs of wear and tear amongst the guaranteed period.
Not every product in the portal id returnable, but most of them are. A customer can return the product depending upon missing parts of the product, misplaced items, damaged products, etc. The shipping cost is not refundable, but the entire cost of the good is refundable. The firm gives a refund number to the customer, which a customer shows at the time of return.

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