New Announcements are made by Google Against Google Assistant

Google Assistant Above All by Having Scores I/O

Some new announcements are made by Google against Google Assistant

Google Assistant has become the widely used component of Google and the competitive strategy aginst the rivals Apple and Amazon has become successful and at present Google stands with I/O scores. Nowadays, the Google Assistant is globally connected with more than 500 million devices including TVs and cars, in 80 countries and 30 languages by the end of year 2018. It also works with 5,000 connected home devices.

In order to make this application work efficiently, Google has recently announced a long list of new features, capabilities and improvements such as follows:

New voices for greater personalization

Google announced that soon there will be 6 new assistant voices, some limited voice content from musician John Legend, celebrity/character voices and diverse customization as well. The company said that they can create the new Assistant personas in a compressed time frame by using AI and WaveNet technology.

Google Assistant is “Cold” in comparison to Siri and Alexa. And this personalization will certainly make it more appealing to the users.

Continued conversation without ‘Hey Google’

Few days ago Amazon has introduced the ability to ask the follow-up questions without invoking the assistant with “wakewords.” And to beat the competition, Google similarly bring a more natural conversation including the follow-ups, without punctuating that conversation with “Hey Google” or “OK Google.” And the brand is also trying to improve the natural language understanding.

Custom routines, scheduled routines

Custom routines, is one of the other innovations that Google has emerged with. This feature combines the actions in a string for example, turn on lights, music, turn off TV. These routines have customized names to initiate them. And one will soon be able to schedule later this year, so that they automatically happen at a specific time.

Smart displays coming in July

Renowned hardware makers like Lenovo has emerged with “smart displays,” screens with the Google Assistant built in at CES this year. They also showed some more and decided to combine the voice along with rich visual experience. Soon devices can be easily navigated with both features voice and touch screen and simultaneously pressurize Amazon to improve the Echo Show or bring out new devices with screens. This is also referred for Apple. Google also promotes video calling with its widely used DUO and soon it is also available in smart display. (Google pushed YouTube TV in multiple contexts during the keynote). According to the company, first of these devices will be available to purchase in July.

Richer visual experience on smartphones

Google also decided to show off a richer visual experience for the Assistant on smartphones which certainly enables the user to take action from within the results screen (e.g., adjusting a thermostat). It is decided that there will be a demo of a food ordering/delivery experience from the Assistant including all beta partners such as include Starbucks, Doordash, Applebee’s, Dunkin’ Donuts and Domino’s. This is one of the biggest efforts of Google in which the company aims to make search and the Assistant a controller for all your apps.

Actions in Google Maps

Soon people will experience the Google Assistant navigating the Google Maps. That will enable users to send texts and play podcasts or music from within Google Maps.

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