Newly Updated Google Recipe Markup for Google Search & Google Assistant


Google has recently introduced a new update I.e. Recipe Markup. This new update of Google recipe will help the webmasters to improve the visibility of their recipes both in Google Search and on Google Assistant, including Google Home devices. As Google want that the recipe Ingredient and recipe Instructions properties for recipes work on Google Assistant therefore it has introduced this update.

Google said, “The updated structured data properties provide users with more information about your recipe, resulting in higher quality traffic to your site.”

In the markup, Google recipe ingredient and recipe instructions properties have been used that will help the user’s recipes to work on Google Assistant. By adding these properties in the update, Google will help user to get the recipe guidance and step-by-step instructions on how to make the recipe.

Other than this update, Google is now recommending the following recipe properties:

  • Videos: Show users how to make the dish by adding a video array
  • Category: Tell users the type of meal or course of the dish (for example, “dinner,” “dessert,” “entree”)
  • Cuisine: Specify the region associated with your recipe (for example, “Mediterranean,” “American,” “Cantonese”)
  • Keywords: Add other terms for your recipe such as the season (“summer”), the holiday (“Halloween,” “Diwali”), the special event (“wedding,” “birthday”) or other descriptors (“quick,” “budget,” “authentic”)

These updates are enhancing the experience of numerous users and enables them to work on Google Assistant as well. So, people who are looking for best experience while posting the recipe and get diverse assistance, they can now get best experience for sure.

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