Setting up Goals and Funnels

Setting goals helps you to measure how your website is working and fulfilling your target purposes. You can set your goals individually as per the website demand and according to the need of the customers. Every online business demand steps of setting up goals and funnels. Before setting goals it is important to know that all people who are clicking to advertisements are not surely customers. If people are signing in to your website and opting online services or purchasing products from your website are considered as customers. You can give a monetary value to your goal which helps you to know conversion with visitors is worthy or not.

Setting up Goals and Funnels

There are many variables on which goals are set which include that you should know: what are the issues which caused confusion to customers to reach your website? Customers are able to understand the language written or not during sign up of website? Is there any technical or Brower issues which are faced by the visitors to reach?. By setting monetary rates to your goals provides the option to compare. Goals conversation of visitors can also found in other reports such as site search reports, visitor report, events reports, and traffic reports. You have to go through the Google Analytics account for setting up the goal.


Templates are used for setup suggestions which are designed to set actionable Goals. These actionable Goals are prepared to fulfill standard business objectives for your website. Before saving a goal, you can easily edit any goal as per the need. These are custom made templates from which you can set your goal without any suggestions. Categories of goal are based on the business objectives. The goal should be designed in such a way that it meets with the requirement of customers. Revenue, Engagement, Acquisition, and Inquiry are the different types of goals which can be set for your website.


The monetary amount should be decided before setting up the process. After completing all the steps in the process of setting up goals you have to click verify for the testing setup of goal. Testing of your goal is based on information which is included in your account, not in actual conversation. While walking through the process you can click Edit to modify the previous steps involves in the process of setting up of new goal. After creating the goal data starts recording, you can pause your goal to change the recording status.

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