Ways Of BackLinking for SEO

ways of backlinking for SEO

Our SEO Process entirely depends on the ethical ways which are further divided into two parts – One page and Off page. On page can be performed by the technical person only who has the great knowledge of SEO whereas Off page activity can be done through anyone without having technical knowledge. A little guidance is more than enough to perform such task. Out of the Off-page activities, Backlinks plays the effective role to get better results but one should check the PA or DA of the website on which you are looking to create the backlinks.

BackLink: When a web page links to any other page, it’s called a backlink. A page with a lot of backlinks tends to rank higher on all major search engines, including Google. Still, quality backlinks matter a lot as compare to numerous backlinks.

Backlinks are important for a number of reasons. The quality and quantity of pages back linking to your website are some of the criteria used by search engines like Google to determine your ranking on their search engine results pages (SERP). The higher you rank on a SERP, the better for your business as people tend to click on the first few search results Google, Bing or other search engines return for them.
Advantages of backlinks in SEO:

  • 1)Improves Organic ranking:
    Backlinks help in getting better search engine rankings. If any of your content is getting organic links from other sites, that content will naturally rank higher with search engines.
  • 2)Faster Indexing:
    Backlinks help search engine to discover links to your site and crawl your site.
  • 3) Referral traffic:
    One of the major benefits of backlinks is that they help get referral traffic.

Ways Of BackLinking

There are three types of back linking which may be used to promote your site.

1)One-Way Back linking:

One-way links are when a website links to your website, with no reciprocal linking involved. Google considers this the most legitimate type of link since the website which provides the link does not benefit from it. The more one-way links you have pointing to your website, the better.

Methods of One Way BackLinking:

  • a) Articles: No matter what a website sells we can write informative articles that can help customers with a problem or situation.
  • b)Social Book Marking: Back links can be generated through social bookmarking websites.Submit your website to these sites.
  • c)Blogging: Blogging is another way of increasing the number of backlinks. Writing informative articles in blogging sites and giving reference to your link within that article helps in increasing the link count.
  • d)Directory Submission: Submitting your blog to web directories is another easy way to get backlinks.
  • e)Social Media Sites: Could be valuable especially since most social media sites prominently display a profile owner’s website URL
  • f)Posting in Forums: Same as the blog comment, you may cite your URL if it’s pertinent to the thread or posts your URL as a signature.
  • g) Blog Commenting: Commenting helps you to get solid one-way backlinks as well as more traffic and better search engine visibility.
  • h)Business Listing: Business Listing has professional recognition through registering your website on the various business listing platforms.

2)Two-Way Backlinking:

This is when you link to a site which links back to you. Two-way links are the least effective links since both websites directly benefit.

3)Three-Way Backlinking:

This is a slightly more complex method of linking, which requires some networking to set up. Three-way links are when you link to a website, which links to a different website, which links back to your site. You do not link directly to each other, but instead set up a small circle of linking. This is ranked less highly than one-way linking by Google since each website benefits from the link exchange.

No doubt, Backlinks plays an important role for the website recognition over the search engine, but one should emphasize more on the content based links as compare to general backlinks. Content-based backlinks will attract the clients to read again and again and will generate more traffic which will eventually beneficial for the website growth and recognition.

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