Yahoo Question Answer Participation

People are looking for more significant and modified information than what is attained by keywords–based issues and document recovery through a proper search engine. Through this article, one can look at a set of such services, referred to as social Q&A websites. With websites such as Google Answers, and mainly Yahoo! Answers, such companies try to understand diverse features of user contribution and their potential effects on the plan and success of the website.

Yahoo Question Answers participation

Here, one can discuss these social Q&A sites by evaluating their designs based on user contribution and point out the impacts and imperfection of each. In this way, it is clear that active user participation is the central component of these websites. And further analyze affluent data composed from more than 55,000 Yahoo! Answers user id’s to recognize the character of user participation, and the worth of this participation. With such an analysis, one can discover that Yahoo! Answers model completely encourages users to create active involvement. An imperative contribution of the work reported here is the structure with which a variety of factors concerning user participation in social Q&A websites can be studied.

An escalating number of persons are using various online sources for their information requirements. Search engines frequently act as the gateways to this online information. Whereas these have become some of the most vital tools for online information looking for, a number of other sources have appeared in the current years where individuals can seek information. Among these sources, question-answer websites are getting ever more popular and the number of users of these websites is growing swiftly. These question–answer websites, also called answers websites or social Q&A sites, permit an individual to post questions that are classically answered by associate users of a specified website. Some studies have tried to comprehend search engine roles, actions, and evaluation but there has not been a great agreement of study about Q&A sites. A large segment of research in information science, and in particular, information rescue, has determined on an understanding of the significance and retrieval in query–document models. Though, there is exceptionally little work that endeavors to comprehend social Q&A models. For example, examine the search engine market contribute to as illustrated. Overall the results are not very surprising, with Google sharing a large portion of the market share, subsequent by Yahoo! and Microsoft.

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