Architecture of Website Designing

By | October 12, 2014

Architecture of Website Designing

Design or architecture of website is the absolute presentation of the business on website. Design of the website organize and present all details of business also it is communicating media between user and web owner. Design part contains main two elements- technology rulings and operational rulings.

Website style or design is prominent attempt for SEO

To run a very successful web business lot of activities have to perform and need to be very update with market status. For being up to date with market standers, it involves activities like link building, generating reports, verifying rank status, challengers approaches & campaigns, search of new link building resources, publishing strategies and these all are about the daily SEO performances.

Apart from these few more very important and essential task ha to performed by the SEO experts are On page off page optimization, proper keyword study, publishing through different advertising strategies, observe indexing and scrolling concerns, copy writing concerns, etc. These all together work is referred as complete SEO performance. Although, SEO performance will be incomplete, imperfect or partial without a perfect and a precise dynamic website design. Any web business will be unsuccessful and unproductive, if the design of the website will not be accurate. So the design of the website is integral performance of SEO practices, it has not to be ignored.

Active technology rulings meant for accurate website design

-          Use of dynamic URL will be disadvantageous or unfavorable for the website so it has to be avoided for better performance, it will be inconvenient for user also. Google can easily index copyright or similar content with different URL, which is harmful for website.

-          Use of Flash and Java script in the content is also not ideal, because few search engines are not compatible with java links or flash. So it will be effect rank of the website.

-          Use simple URL that will be helpful for Google for search indexing and use main keywords in URL that will be helpful for users’ searches. Duplication of content on different URL also forbids.

-          Redirection of 301 is always suggested because that will the direct link to the default page a. redirection of 302 is always prevented that will may redirect the user to new page, where user will not get desired matter. These things matters for SEO performance.



Active structural rulings meant for accurate website design

Organizing appealing, expressive and descriptive content will help the user to adopt desired information for the site and appeal user to acquire product or services. Here are some tips for success

-          Categorization   of the website should be harmonized with user’ searches. Home page of the website should be very communicative & indicating to offering info of all pages of the website. Navigation stream of the website also should be user friendly, “card sorting” is the chosen process for classification tree.

-          When the website is having many pages it is very helpful for user to switch on the desired page through the anchor text. Using accurate &proposed keywords as anchor in the content is comprehensible instead of ‘click here’, ‘back’, ‘more’, etc.

-          The website having many pages for that breadcrumb navigation is applicable. This will help the user to know the present location on the website and also helpful access finding the wanted page or segment of the website.

-          Number of clicks to get to the page from homepages is the link depth. Ideal link depth is 3 clicks, structure of the website with such ideal depth results success and also avoids page indexing by the Google. So least depth is always preferred for optimization process as well as user-friendly website structure.

-          Intersect all significant & suggestive content for accessing information with contented method. User will be pleased with such easy and comfortable way of retrieving desired related information from the website.


Very important tips

Along with these presented tips, the most important tip is to take serious website design or architecture. Firstly have keyword research then organize and arrange the flow of pages. Give very exclusive, presentable and user-friendly website architecture and gratify users with comfy experience. Such operative website design prevents the hindrance like crawling and indexing. Efforts practiced on design will definitely improve rank in search engines, strong pose in digital market. So design well website for a successful web business.

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