Introduction to Business Lead Generation

Introduction to Business Lead Generation The significant aspect of marketing today, specifically Business-to-Business and internet marketing is the process of lead generation. It is often achieved by sending e-mails or through telemarketing methods. Basically, generating leads is building, maintaining, and updating a database of potential customers who have keen interest in your company’s product and service. The purpose behind a company’s lead generation can be varied – from creating an… Read More »

Fundamentals of Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides you information which helps you to know about the evolution of our product. You can get details on your mobile application and desktop easily with Google Analytics. It makes the task of marketers easy as they can easily know how other people are using their product on each platform. Fundamentals of Google Analytics provide the understanding of the core principles related to digital analytics which also helps… Read More »

Benefits of Ethical SEO or Digital Marketing

Benefits of Ethical SEO or Digital Marketing Ethical ways helps to generate effective business leads for long terms though it takes more time than usually but results are always ever lasting. One need to keep patience to boost your website in any search engine through effective ways. Combine strategies of SEO is also named as Digital Marketing or web Promotion.  We all know, designing a website is not enough till… Read More »

What is Ethical SEO

Ethical Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing refers using only those techniques or strategies which are acceptable by the Search Engine. If we talk about Google, it usually bring updations on timely basis for better improvements or you can say that, to keep us updated to stop the spamming. Ethical SEO leads to White Hat SEO only which means using right ways to bring the website on the top… Read More »

SEO Webmaster Tools

SEO Webmaster Tools What is Google webmaster tool? Google webmaster is the most valuable tool that enables the professionals to keep an eye on the website and maintain its presence in Google search engine results. With this tool, professionals don’t find any need to sign up for any other webmaster tool for the website. This tool itself helps the professionals to find site in search engine and optimize its performance.… Read More »

Image Optimization

 Image Optimization What is Image Optimization? Images are an important part of making a website visually appealing. But search engine optimization doesn’t understand the content of images as they are not technical codes thus it becomes important for professionals to optimize the images to make it visible and understandable by the search engine. On the other hand, image relevancy is important because if an image of train relates to image… Read More »

Introduction Online Advertisements

Introduction Online Advertisements With the commencement of internet in today’s life, placing of advertisements has become very easy. Internet is the easiest way to reach larger number of masses very quickly. Online business is also growing day by day as one can place their advertisement on popular websites. With attractive and interactive advertisements of your business, one can get the endorsement of their product and services. Placing of advertisements on… Read More »

Importance of Google Analytics

Importance of Google Analytics Google Analytics is considered as one of the most important and powerful tools to monitor the traffic coming to your website. You can easily collect information about the visitors who were visiting your website and what they actually needs. You can also identify about the needs of the visitors which helps you to improve your website. If you want to enhance or grow your website then… Read More »

Importance of Canonical Tag Implementation

Importance of Canonical Tag Implementation Canonical tag is all about duplicate content and preferred content. The term Canonical is derived from the word canon which refers to bible laws and rules. It is a standard of judgment. Professionals judge which content is original and which one is duplicate content via this implementation code. Canonicalization is one of the best processes in SEO that enables the professional to make the multiple… Read More »

Important Tips for Analysis Website Before Starting SEO

Important Tips for Analysis Website Before Starting SEO Analysis of Similar Website Analysis of similar website is a research, where professionals need to make analysis of similar websites to beat the competition and do well with their business. It is necessary to keep watch on what other professionals are doing in their industry. This enables the professionals to make their competition easier for them and come up with better content,… Read More »