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Today’s world is a world of digitalization where electronic usage becomes common for everyone. Whether it is household work or any business segment, noting is possible without electronic devices. In fact, Digitalization becomes the prime source of information and success of any activity. Though it results from the western culture, India has not only adapted this system, but expanded the digital techniques all over the world as well. Whenever a new product or service comes to a market, it is promoted through different marketing and advertising strategies. Digital Marketing is also one of the most important ways of Promotion to step ahead the business towards long term success.

Digital marketing is often referred to as 'online marketing', 'internet marketing' or 'web marketing'. Digital Channels or Digital Media gave birth to this Marketing campaigning. Small business or newcomers usually go for the Digital marketing as it helped them to get the good results within short span of period and within the pre-decided cost. In simple terms, Digital Marketing refers to the use of electronic devices such as Personal Computers, Smart phones, Cell phones, Tablets etc for campaigning the products, services or any other activity. It can be performed through the Non-Internet devices such as Television, Radio, SMS, E-mail ads etc.

Basically, Digital Marketing is of two Types:-

Both are the two different opposite approach towards Marketing. Pull Marketing emphasize on bringing customers towards the Products & Services. Company or Organization promotes their services or products through common advertisements channels such as Television Ads, Internet advertisements, Magazines articles or other informational Journals etc. if these publishing are influential, then Customers go for the products by their own. A Company needs not to perform the hard core marketing

On the other hand, Push Marketing targets the customers and then uses the informative promotional channels. It is a promotional strategy where businesses attempt to take their products to the customers. This strategy includes SMS, Emails etc. Both Promotional techniques are informational in nature but Pull Marketing is Motivation where as Push Marketing is Influential.

SEO Tech Experts, Gurgaon deals with both kind of Marketing. Though pull marketing brings the long term results and built a positive approach in the mind of customers but when common advertisements fail to attract the customers, one need to go for the push marketing. Though it is a short-term promotional approach, but once, customer is influenced to use any of the product or services and get impressed. Then Push Marketing can be helpful. Someone rightly said- “One right effort can provide a new direction”. And it happens in case of Push Marketing.

All the online Marketing techniques are cost effective compare to Offline Marketing. SEO Tech Experts serving all over India through all possible efforts and deals with almost all the Online or Digital Promotional techniques such SEO, SMO, SEM, PPC and E-mailing etc. which has provided cost-effective satisfactory result-oriented business to many clients till the time and promised to serve more efficiently even in future also. The clients’, who are seeking for any of the digital marketing solution, are welcomed in our Organization with the Open Hands. We are based in prime location of India i.e., Gurgaon and offering our services beyond expectations.

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