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All search engine results have also effect of the content present on the website. Ranking of the search engine influenced according to the fresh and quality content. Article submission, blogs posting, directories submission, website content and online content are some of the components, which also alters the website ranking. So following are some of the points regarding the content

Content Counts: Whatever the content is should be passed to the maximum viewers, which should be advantageous and advertising for the company. Very informative and stimulating content is always beneficial for the website. Blog Content, Press Release Content, Articles Content and on-site content are some of the forms of content. Valuable and unique content increase the traffic and rank of the website.

Captivating Headings: The heading of the content should be very impressive and striking so that viewers can attract to word the website. Inspiring heading can hold the attention and can help to inspiring the product or service. The précised and clear heading are more effective, with such efficient heading with use of proper keyword effects double.

Topic oriented content: If the content will be only illumination of the topic then that content will consider as well written one. So that while writing writer should be stick around topic of the content. Rather writing something, content should be informative and interesting.

Prevailing Keyword Length and Density: The length of the content should lie between 300 to 1000 word counts. Ideal keyword density is considered as 2%-3%. These two factors affect the quality of content very much.

Don't Mass Keywords: The way keywords are used in the content that shows format of the content, which resolves professionalism of content execution. Keywords should be evenly used throughout the content that is also effect the rank.

Write and Tag Ordered: For expert effects and supreme organization use the suitable tags for the content. Titles should be tagged with and the subheadings with h2, etc. This method of writing helps to positioned the rank at top level.

Use META Descriptions: Meta description is the at least 150 words description of keywords used in the content. So the META description method is the absolute way for Google reorganization of content for best result.

Compose Unique Content: Search engines don’t give the importance to copied, duplicate or existing content, so the content should be very much. Here the principle is, more will be the originality of the content, and higher will be the rank.

Choose Appropriate Images: Posting attention-grabbing and applicable images help to magnetize the viewers to the website.

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