Google Releases Fifth Product Reviews Update Prior To Core Update

Google Releases Fifth Product Reviews Update Prior To Core Update

Google released the sixth product reviews update about 4 a.m. ET today, September 20, 2022. This was released prior to the completion of the September 2022 core update, which was not expected and which Google's Danny Sullivan said would not happen - yet it happened.

Google posted this on Twitter "The September 2022 product reviews update for English-language product reviews was launched today. When the deployment is complete, we will update our ranking release history page.

"Google noted on that page "The September 2022 product reviews update has been released. This update is just for product reviews in English. The deployment could take up to two weeks."

Google Product Reviews Quick Facts Update

  • In short, here are the most significant things we know right now:
  • Google Product Reviews Update for September 2022
  • Launched: September 20, 2022 at approximately 4 a.m. ET
  • Rollout: It will take approximately two weeks to complete the rollout.
  • It focuses on product review material.
  • It is not a penalty; rather, it encourages or rewards "insightful analysis and unique research."
  • Many people will claim that this is a core upgrade, but it is not.
  • This is only looking at English-language content right now, but it will most likely spread to other languages as this is a worldwide debut. I'm astonished it's still solely in English, but it is, as we all know.
  • Google refused to tell me how many questions or searches were affected by this modification.
  • Google Discover: As previously stated, this update may have an impact on your performance in Google Discover.
  • Recover: If you were affected by this, you should examine your content and see if you can improve it by following Google's instructions below.
  • Refreshes: Google will renew its algorithm on a regular basis, but those adjustments may not be communicated in the future. This may be Google's first refresh, and it is the first refresh about which Google has communicated.
  • By the way, English is still the only language available. Also, I believe it began to be distributed last night. Who is awake at 1 a.m. local time in Mountain View, California, sending out an email?
  • Conflicting Updates

    Conflicting Updates

    I recently reported that Google's Danny Sullivan stated, "we have worked very hard to keep upgrades separated from each other, or as little overlap as possible, to assist developers comprehend more." Maybe you didn't work hard enough on this one?

    To be fair, Google did pre-announce this one a month ago, and we expected it to arrive right after the helpful content upgrade finished rolling out, but first came that September 2022 core update, which obviously hasn't finished yet

    So, how can you figure out which update struck you? Which comes first, the September core upgrade or the September product reviews update? On Twitter, Google stated:

    "As a reminder, the September 2022 core update is not yet complete, but it is nearly there." We expect it to be finished within a week and will post an update on our updates page when it is. If you notice a change and are unsure if it is connected to the core update or the product reviews update. (1) If you write product reviews, it's most likely related to that. (2) If not, it could be due to the core update.

    However, as many of you are aware, sites touched by core updates are frequently impacted by these product review changes, and vice versa. Google's Danny Sullivan and John Mueller defended the timing of the rollout:

    Previously Released Core Updates

    The following are the dates for prior Product Reviews Updates:

    • September 20, 2022 - September 20, 2022 Google Product Reviews Update and will last around two weeks.
    • 27 July 2022 - 27 July 2022 Google Product Reviews Update was completed on August 2nd.
    • 23 March 2022 - 23 March 2022 Google Product Reviews Update finished on the 11th of April.
    • 1 December 2021 - 31 December 2021 Google Product Reviews Update was completed on December 21st.
    • Product Reviews for April 8, 2021 - April 20, 2021 The update ended on April 22nd.

    It's Too Soon To Notice A Difference

    It's Too Soon To Notice A Difference

    It was just announced, and I don't see much changes this morning - so I'll keep an eye on it and report back in a few days...

    Google Product Review Update Suggestions

    Here is the original advice, however Google has included it in a new help document with the December guidance, which does not include the precise new points noted above:

    Where appropriate, demonstrate professional product knowledge?

    Show what the product looks like in person or how it is utilised, using content other than what the manufacturer provides. Provide quantitative metrics of how a product performs in several performance categories?

    What Distinguishes A Product From Its Competitors?

    What Distinguishes A Product From Its Competitors

    Consider comparable products, or explain which products could be suitable for specific needs or scenarios.

    Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a specific product based on research?

    Describe how a product has grown from prior models or releases to enhance, address issues, or otherwise assist users in making a buying decision.

    Identify the product's category's important decision-making elements and how the product performs in those areas. An automobile evaluation, for example, may establish that fuel economy, safety, and handling are important decision-making criteria and grade performance in those categories.

    Describe major design decisions and their impact on users that go beyond what the manufacturer claims.

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