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To keep our clients and employees updated with company’s terms and conditions, SEO Tech Experts would like to draw your attention here. As SEO Tech Experts wants to place client’s business on top of all search engines in right manner therefore here are some basic terms and conditions on which its professionals are working hard.

  • SEO Tech Experts is focused to work on all projects with full consideration of Google algorithm & update. Along with various kinds of Google algorithm & updates, the team of professionals also pays heed on diverse terms and conditions of search engines. In this way, the experts bring committed results to the customers.

  • Although the company is focused on its strategies and goals to achieve target on diverse projects but it also understands the importance of search engines. The company believes that search engine provides proven results only to those who follow the terms and conditions accurately and maintain the latest phenomenon.

  • The company always uses ‘white hat’ SEO technique as it brings long lasting results to client’s website. It is even helpful for the professionals to work hard on the same and keeps it safe from any diverse ups and downs of SEO which happens due to sudden emergence of Google algorithms and crawling.

  • Being a reliable and focused organization, the experts believe to get unique and quality content from client’s end as per the deal for their SEO promotion. In case, the content has less quality and uniqueness then, the company is not responsible for search engine ranking and any kind of delay in promotion.

  • We would like to keep customers aware of the fact that search engine optimization is helpful only when the website is SEO friendly. Therefore, it is advised to all customers to have a SEO friendly website otherwise you need to compromise on ranking aspect.

  • The professionals are dedicated to work hard on all SEO projects and bring quality backlinks on client’s site with smart work. The experts make good use of articles, blogs, press release and business listing to come up with proven results which certainly takes the business on next level.

  • But, when it comes to get all deliverable including articles, blogs press releases, website contents, testimonials and video for SEO work then, company don’t expects any kind of delay in providing these deliverable's. If company gets these deliverable's late then certainly the task of promoting website will gets delay. In this case, the company is not responsible.

  • In case, the server is not working properly due to some reasons and the search engine is about to crawl to the website at the same time then, SEO Tech Experts is not responsible. The search engine leaves an error on the site which reflects that the current ranking will get down and again SEO Tech Experts is not responsible for it.

  • SEO Tech Experts doesn’t believe on “guaranteed” word as we believe in assurance. We make sure to provide good and effective results in best possible manner.

  • The team of experts works hard on each essential aspect and factor of SEO as our target is to bring the site on first page. Here, the company would like to clear that professional’s target is first rank but the commitment is for first page. No doubt, the dedicated team works hard on each aspect of SEO and committed to bring good results but, it doesn’t mean that we guarantee.

  • In case client is making some changes on their website on their own then, he/she has to inform us for the same as it can affect our on page optimization otherwise the company is not responsible for search engine ranking. Being a responsible and authorized company to handle the SEO project of an organization, it is our right to know what, where, how and when is happening on the site.

  • If the organization has taken any paid service from any source then also the professionals need to inform us as Google considers paid service as a part of “Black Hat SEO”. We will surely go through the service and find out whether it is good for SEO or not.

  • In case, if client’s competitors create some garbage links on some banned sites to let down the reputation and ranking of the website then, SEO Tech Experts is not responsible for the bad promotion. We would like to inform our customers that those bad and garbage links will let down client’s website ranking very poorly.

  • If clients have given their SEO project to SEO Tech Experts then the entire accountability of ranking and branding lies on our company. But, in case if client has given the same project to any other organization then client must have to inform us. Even if the website is under in house work, then also the client needs to inform us. Otherwise two side or double optimization may lead to let down the ranking badly and then, we are not responsible for it.

We at SEO Tech Experts would like to request all our customers to have a look on each of these terms and conditions of the company before handover the SEO project, as we will be glad to get a nod and satisfaction from their end too, to continue the project. We hereby assure clients that just believe on our words and let us work on it; we will surely bring you satisfactory service.

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What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a promotional technique to optimise the website in a way to boost the web ranking over search engine. The motive of SEO is to enhance the visibility, generate traffic and to earn maximum profits. 90% of Internet users search on the search engine and only SEO makes this searches more effective. If website is not optimised, it can not get better ranking. Know SEO Services here only.

How much time will it take to achieve the top ranking over search engine?

The SEO result depends on the website infrastructure, number of web pages, inbuilt contents and competitions. Yet it takes min 3 months to 6 months time to show the prompt results. If competition is comparative less, the website can get higher ranking within 1 month subject to SEO quality.

Why my website is not ranking in search results?

There can be multiple reasons like unavailability of contents, non-SEO friendly website, not indexed by the Google, spamming etc. Professional SEO services may lead to appear your website in the top ranking.

How SEO works?

SEO or Search Engine optimization involves two types of process like on page optimisation and off Page optimisation. Both techniques altogether promote the website with the targeted keywords like SEO tech experts company ranks with famous keywords like SEO company in Gurgaon, SEO company in Faridabad, SEO company in noida and so on.

What is on page optimisation?

Optimising the website with the prompt title, description, keywords, robot.txt, SEO friendly URLs, content optimisation, alt txt, anchor text, HTML source code, RSS feed, etc. On-Page Optimization is an optimum technique to have organic results if it is performed through SEO Experts.

What is off page optimisation?

Off page, techniques include local geo, directory submission, social bookmarking, article submission, blogs writing, press release, forum posting, business listing, classifieds etc. to crate backlinks.

How you define the keywords?

Keywords is the combination of service and location to be served. Suppose, if we are promoting SEO tech experts in Gurgaon for specific keywords like digital marketing, SEO, SMO, PPC, ORM, website designing etc, then the respective keywords would be digital marketing company in Gurgaon, SEO company in Gurgaon, SMO company in Gurgaon, PPC company in Gurgaon, ORM company in Gurgaon, website designing company in Gurgaon. Single keyword will not help to generate effective traffic.

Do I need to continue SEO services after getting a top ranking?

Continuing SEO services will help to maintain the web ranking over search results. As discontinuation of SEO services will allow competitors to overtake you very easily.

How can I measure the SEO results?

SEO results can be measured with the help of traffic reports, keywords ranking, and past figures. We can never predict the sales, profits as our motive is to bring the website on the top with the searchable keywords.

Do you share strategy reports?

We squally do not share our work reports with anyone. We ensure ethnical methods of promotion only, and we do share keywords rank report in case of SEO, Google Adwords report in case of paid campaigns, and demo link in case of website designing services.

Do you promote ECommerce Website or Portals?

yes, we do. SEO tech Experts has dedicated a team of professionals who are ready to meet any challenge. Online Stores are emerging as a fast speed and online promotion will offer a kick to the online selling business.

Will my website rank on Google?

Usually optimised website capture the ranking on other search engines as well like yahoo, Bing etc. The ranking may vary in different search engines due to different algorithms.

An SEO company promised to bring organic results within one monthonly. Why don't you?

Black hat SEO may bring the website within the short span of the period but we do follow white hat or ethical SEO strategies only. As black hat leads the website to the huge penalty by the search engine.

What is SMO?

SMO or social media optimisation is process to enhance popularity among social people or to improve brand visibility through social networking sites like Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and much more. It single best way to generate traffic to the website through social modes.

Will my website will be on the top always after optimisation?

Digital marketing is dynamic process and there is no certainty in the service industry. We will try hard to maintain the website ranking yet it can be effected through competitors, their strategies, search engine algorithms, updates, etc. No company can guarantee to have the #1 top ranking in the same industry always.

What is Digital Marketing or Online Marketing?

Digital marketing or online marketing is the wide form of online promotion which includes SEO, SMO, PPC, ORM, content marketing etc. Startups will prefer to hire digital marketing professionals to boost the website.

What is PPC or Google Adwords?

It is the paid part of a promotion through which instant click, traffic can be generated by the website by setting paid campaign.

Why are PPC or Google Adwords helpful?

PPC will bring instant results so ROI can be measured at a glance. Startups company seeking for immediate results will prefer PPC. It is costly as compared to SEO yet quick results and traffic will eventually help to bring the organic traffic as well. People looking for long terms results should go for organic SEO services.

What is SEM or Search Engine Marketing?

It's a combination of organic SEO services and paid campaigns to improve the website ranking. It will include on-page, off page, backlinks, contents marketing and PPC etc.

What is ORM?

ORM or Online Reputation Management is a social activity which is performed to build a positive image in the web market. The ORM services are also performed to push back the negative reviews by generating positive reviews or comments.

What is blacklisting?

Google or another search engine will blacklist the website once the unethical promotional manners are used to bring the ranking or algorithms are disobeyed. Better to use ethical or organic SEO services which may take time but surely bring long term results.

How much time you take to design a website?

Generally, the website designing will depend on the theme you were chosen, and the development part. We try to meet the client's expectation and hand over the design website within in the mentioned deadline. Clients are always expected to provide information like images, contents, contact detail etc on the right time.

Do you offer Domain Registration and Website Hosting services?

Yes, we do. SEO tech experts offer one stop platform for all the web services.

How much it cost to me for Website Designing?

The cost of the website will entirely depends on the plugins, domain name, web hosting space, design you have chosen and the development part of the website. Generally a basic status website may cost ?5000 to dynamic multi page website development to ?50,000. We offer the best of the industry prices.

Do You develop the website?

Yes, we do. Designing is based on the particular theme but if a client wants his website to be unique or advanced features, we do undertake the development part. Though developing a website may be time-consuming and costly as compared to website designing.

Do You Design ECommerce Portals?

yes, we are designing every type of websites. ECommerce portals or online selling is in trend and we believe in following the latest trends only.

Will I have the control or access over my website?

Yes, of course. That's one of the biggest benefits of getting a website design from us. We will handover all the credentials of the website to you after getting payment and you will have the complete access to the website for uploading and deleting contents, images, posts, pages, news etc.

How you accept the payment?

Usually, we take 50% advance for the web services. The payment can be accepted in any form like cash, ecs, online transfer, rtgs, cheque etc. To know the bank details, kindly click on how to pay

If I am not a local guy, will you still serve for the outsiders?

Yes we do. Emerge of advanced way of communication like mobiles, Internet has lessen the gap. You just need to brief your requirements to us. If you are seeking for the website Designing, you may write your requirements to us through mail. We will send you the similar links or themes. The website will be on demo link which you can watch any time.
Likewise, for SEO or Digital marketing services, we will send you timely report through mail.

Which kind of industries are you serving till date?

SEO Tech Experts adopt wide approach towards working and not limited to certain sectors. The company has been delivering its valuable website designing and website promotion services to various streams like hospital, clinic, college, home tutors, gym, real estate, e-commerce industry, service sectors, etc.

What are the services ares of SEO Tech Experts?

Though the company is Gurgaon based digital marketing agency, yet it has been serving across India like Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur etc.

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