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Company Name: Corporatedge
Location: Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Website: Corporatedge(dot)

About CorporatEdge Company

CorporatEdge located in Cyber City Gurgoan, is a reputed company offering office fully furnishing and designing inspiring workplaces in all over the gurgaon city. The company is in same profession for last many years and offering various office solutions to the customers as per their preference. The company has earned huge name and fame with the quality services delivered to reputed corporate organizations and made their workplace look total professional and standardize. The company has a motive to bring classy and modern interior and exterior workplace for all small and large corporations for their betterment. Thus, the dedicated professionals of the company put their best efforts to meet the need of clients and get appreciation for the same.

Company Services

CorporatEdge Company offers brilliant service to various organizations as per client’s demand and requirement. The company deals with wide variety of services which include Facilities within the Centre, Café/ break out area – Temptation, Reception Area, Video Conferencing Room, Meeting room, Business support services area and many more services as well. The professionals firstly analyze the space of the company and accordingly design each of these things for the office. The company uses high quality wood, paint, and many more products to design these important elements of the office.

Corporatedge Joined with SEO Tech Experts

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Company Name: Corporatedge
Location: Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Website: Corporatedge(dot)

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Company Name: Store Hippo
Location: Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Website: StoreHippo(dot)Com

Store Hippo - Most Advanced E Commerce Solutions

StoreHippo is the new age eCommerce platform that provides you everything that you need to sell your products or services online.

Company Services

From last few years online businesses has grown the e-commerce development which also helps to increase sales. In this competitive world searching perfect e-commerce solution has become a challenging task because some e commerce platforms are best and some are not so good. People choose e-commerce platforms according to their type of business. Starting online store has become easy these days by choosing best ecommerce platform as per the suitability. There are some important features for choosing an e-commerce solution such as storage, pricing, customer service, bandwidth and many more. There are many e-commerce platforms which makes the task easier to build a successful online store and also build the brand name.

You can create your own online store on most advanced e- Commerce platforms in India to sell your valuable products and services. On this e-commerce platform you can easily manage the selling of products with integrated shipping. You get an opportunity to sell on leading Indian market without any hassle. Store Hippo is a highly recommended service provider related to e-commerce platforms. For medium and small online business owner investing huge amount on online retail space is not possible so there are many options for them to choose the best platform according to their budget and choice. 

The company offers various e-commerce platforms which include Shopify, Zepo, PowerStores, Buildabazaar, Martjack, 39shops, Shopnix and many more. Shopify is the e-commerce platform which gives you options of more than 100 free ecommerce website templates from which you can choose your best one. You can also get the easy theme which can be customized as per the need. This platform accepts various shipping and payment options. Zepo is another platform which claims to start an online store within 5 minutes. User will get core technical support with prominent dashboard features which help to set up new online store. Power Stores is an e-commerce platform that provides various advantages of Data centers plus and Amazon Web Services. You can also customize the theme as you want with the help of HTML and CSS. Users get an opportunity to use this platform on free 30 day trial with the facility of 24×7 customer support. Store Hippo is the company which provides all these platforms and many more e-commerce platforms to their customers.

These e-commerce platforms help to launch your online business and to gain instant visibility among prospective customers. You have experience various advantages of using e-commerce platforms including that the small and medium based business can gain equal platform to perform with established and top brands. You can easily promote your online business which also assists you to gain visibility instantly. Users can easily reach large amount of potential customers. Even your customers can reach you directly as online stores provides 24x7 services. With e-commerce platform transitions also become easy and comfortable to both users and customers.

The company has skilled technical team who work dedicatedly to provide most advanced and latest e-commerce services. Company also ensures to provide best e-commerce platform which satisfy you and fulfill your needs as well.