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facebook marketing strategy

Everyone has heard about Facebook! One of the most popular social media platforms, used by millions of users every day and now is one of the most relevant channels for marketing. If one has a brand that they want to be marketed using the internet, then Facebook is one of the most reliable platforms that can be used.

The reason behind the success of this channel is the huge user activity that is supported. When millions of users use a ceratin platform every day, it becomes a great place to interact and find new customers. This is the reason why one should create an authentic and usable Facebook Marketing Strategy, which will help in finding new potential leads for the business.

using facebook for marketing

Using Facebook for Marketing

As mentioned above, Facebook can be used to connect to the customers, interact with them, provide them with information, and attract them towards various products and services that one offers.

Some of the very common ways one can use the Facebook channel for marketing are like:

  • Photos Posts: One can post photos along with text to create more engagement and to make the post more attractive. Other than photos, one can also share infographics, visual graphs or illustrations, etc.

  • Simple Text Posts: These are status posts, and can be used to give certain information in short. It is very basic in nature and can be used creatively to ask questions, give pointers, spark conversation, etc.

  • Video Posts: Video posts are a great way to attract someone's attention while they are scrolling through their news feed. Also one of the best things is that the video tends to start on their own, and thus the user tends to stop for a few moments. Add longer videos or shorter ones depending on the content and goal.

  • Linked Posts: Make a post and add a link to the website, and there it is - a linked post. Also, Facebook tends to crate the post with the picture by adding it automatically based on the link that is added. Less work but a more engaging post.

  • Polls: Want to ask the customers and viewers a question and want to get their feedback. Post a poll. The polls can be about the product one offers, or can anything related to the brand and customer.

  • Live Posts: Live posts are a great way to give a slice of brand reality to the customers. One can make real-time chat with customers, make announcements, interact, etc.

  • Stories: Stories are also a great way to short content or make announcements. They only stay for 24 hours and is highly interactive.
creating facebook marketing strategy

Creating a Facebook strategy

Now, it's clear that there are several types of Facebook posts and styles, that can be used to post content and connect with the customers. But, it is always advised that a brand should have a proper Facebook strategy before starting any campaign.

To create strategy one should work on a few things including, the audience, goals, products, post types, cost, engagement, and content. Mixing these elements in the right way can give rise to a strategy that will help in making the campaign profitable.

However, like any other strategy, Facebook marketing strategy requires a certain amount of tweaking and brainstorming from time to time. The strategy must remain relevant to the market, customers, brand, and profit.

Below, are the 10 most profitable tips to make the marketing strategy on Facebook a success.

Tips for a successful Facebook Marketing Campaign

tips for successful facebook marketing strategy

1. Recognize the target Audience

The very first thing that many brands tend to forget is that, just like conventional marketing. In social media marketing too, there is a need for identifying the target audience. Not all products are for everybody, and thus having a well-set audience category can help to make the strategy finer tuned and relevant.

This will help in creating content and posts that are relevant to the audience who the brand is targeting. Understand the demographics of the audience and then create a campaign that will be effective.

2. Create Good Content

One of the biggest things that take the center stage of any marketing content on social media, is the content. Until and unless the content is great, there is no way one can connect and attract customers and leads.

The content shared should have a certain value to it, as it should be useful and informative to the viewer. This way one can build confidence and a sense of trust with the customer. Add videos, texts, tutorials, ebooks, etc. which is informative and fun.

Some of the things that should be kept in mind are like:

  • Create simple content and nothing too convoluted
  • Come directly to the point and avoid fluff
  • Make the viewers interested by telling them what they can gain from the content.
  • Use facts and relevant figures to make the content strong and visual

3. Make the posts attractive

One of the important things that act as the medium of connecting to the Facebook crowd is the posts. Therefore, the marketing team should work on making the posts more relatable and creative. The posts should be interactive and should make the audience talk about the brand and the topic of the posts.

Few things that should be kept in mind while creating posts are:

  • The posts should be short and crisp
  • In should be creative and attractive
  • If using a video clip, then make sure that the thumbnail is eye-catching
  • Mix various types of posts, like photos, videos, polls, stories, etc.
  • The vertical videos are more in demand and more attractive than the usual square videos.

4. Measure the metrics

How a certain campaign is faring and how the strategy is applied, are certain questions that should be answered right away. Therefore, the marketing team should know how to measure the effectiveness and success of the Facebook marketing campaign.

One of the best ways to analyze the traffic and the success of the campaign, use a landing page. A landing page and its traffic will tell how much the posts and ads are being effective and are driving people to conversion. Use analytics to understand the traffic and effectiveness in a more meticulous way.

5. Make a good profile

The profile is the very first thing that a person tends to look at while checking out a new brand or person on Facebook. Therefore, one must spend some time to make the profile look great!

One should work on the about section of the profile and tell the audience about who they are what the brand is all about. Remember, it should not be an essay, instead, it should be a more well-crafted gist of the brand.

Create a good presentation of the profile, so that the viewer gets a good view while they are visiting the brand profile. Create a fancy profile picture, cover photo, and other elements to beef up the profile. Make sure to add fun and creative elements that have relevance to the brand.

6. Post boosting with Target Audience

A good post is the one that brings in more traffic for the website or blogs. Therefore, after creating a post, it is time for some serious boost work.

To boost the post and make it more traffic driving, add links to the website, add email ids so that viewers can contact one, or send the link of the post to the contact lists. Making Facebook posts more reachable is one of the best ways to enhance the number of potential leads.

7. Create groups and communities

Want to bring the potential customers on a single page, and want them to have an open discussion? Well, the best way is to use Facebook groups for profit. Create a Facebook group and allow the people to share knowledge and information and have an open discussion.

One of the most crucial things to understand is that the group should be of a similar niche that the brand covers. Also do not use the group for sales call and marketing purposes. Use the group to sparingly share some information, but mostly it should be a platform for the clients and customers to interact.

8. Run FB contests

Want a higher engagement with the customers on the Facebook page? Try having a Facebook contest. Everybody likes a good competition and some free giveaways. The brand can hold FB contest for their viewers, and then give away some prizes to the winners.

This will not only help in creating customer engagement, it will also help in creating better user-generated content. The overall cost of the contest including the giveaways will be much lesser than the overall revenue that the brand will accumulate.

9. Utilize Facebook Ads

Many times the facebook marketing strategies falter because the brands shy away from using the Facebook ads platform in the right way.

Facebook’s advertisements are one of the best tools that marketers can utilize to increase conversions. It can help the brand in reaching out to the desired audience in a more time-effective way. Also, the overall cost of the ad campaign is equivalent to how much revenue boost one want to get for their brand.

10. Use the stories

Lastly, one should not avoid these 24 hours of vertical content posting tools, called stories. Everyone is well aware of the stories, as they are prevalent in almost every social media platform these days.

The marketing strategy should be created in a way to keep the brand alive in the customer's mind at all times. And, what can be the best way to keep posting relevant stories on the Facebook page. One can add photos, videos, polls, etc. in the stories.

Final Words

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms, it is also rife for its popularity among all types of audiences. It is better to create a well balanced and well-checked Facebook marketing strategy, that will not only help in making the brand more popular but also will drive more traffic to the website.


Well, it completely depends on what the company is targeting as its goals. The overall CPC of Facebook ads ranges from $1 to $1.75. Therefore, one can keep an overall budget of $100 in the initial period to test the campaign.
  • Add catchy image
  • Add a CTA
  • Use the targeting options
  • Use a proper bid range
  • Make the landing page simple and useful
It can help in reaching and targeting a wider audience who are kept for shopping. It helps in discovering better products by the clients and also help in retargeting the audience.
These posts are basically the ones that the brand pay to be distributed and shown to the people who are not part of the brand Facebook page. The company will have to pick a post, set a budget, set several days, and set targeting audiences.
For boosting the post on Facebook, the overall budget ranges from $30/month to up. One can choose any budget and Facebook will make sure to divide the amount for the chosen number of days accordingly.

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