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Users will leave the site if your website does not open in 20 seconds!! So Connect with SEO Tech Experts which helps in Page Speed Optimization Services for Static, Dynamic, and Customized Website. Website Speed optimization is One of the Proven Technique For Successful Online Business. Don't Give a chance to Your Competitors to Go Ahead & Your Users to Leave the Website Frustrating.

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Can we have the Better SEO performance with having low website page speed?

Of course not!! It will hamper our website performance and may lead to an increased bounce rate.SEO tech Experts is one of the best Website promotion Company who looks after the page speed improvement techniques as well. We are having experienced development team which caters to dynamic and status website both so as to minimize the website bugs and to increase the website performance. We do perform the website audit task and do Page Speed Optimization in Gurgaon for the website having the worst performance. seek consultation for website better performance today only.

Techniques Of Effective Page Speed Optimization And Its Importance

Page speed is a term used to reflect the time needed for content to load on a webpage. The faster the content on a web page loads, the better the page speed is. How do you measure the speed of a webpage? To detect the speed of a web page or the time taken for a webpage to load, one needs to either measure the time taken between the process of a request being sent to the server and first byte of data being received by the browser or the time taken between the process of a request being sent to the server and the server loading the webpage completely.

Page speed optimization can be defined as the use of certain established techniques to improve the time taken for content to load on a web page. All the websites operating on the world wide web optimize their page speed for enhanced user experience and a lot more benefits.

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How Important Is Webpage Speed Optimization?

Talking about the importance of optimizing your webpage speed, it is everything for a website depending on organic traffic for its success. Just including quality content on your website won't do the trick as people need to reach there effectively to get access to the content.

Talking about the importance of optimizing your webpage speed, it is everything for a website depending on organic traffic for its success. Just including quality content on your website won't do the trick as people need to reach there effectively to get access to the content.

Better page Speed Optimization would surely increase a web page's chances of a viewer accessing it while a latter case can be devastating as it can repel a huge amount of potential traffic away from the web page. Slower loading time is no doubt irritating in the current era of technological advancements. Also, to rank your web page better than your fellow competitors, you may need to optimize your web page speed at first as it is one of the deciding factors of getting ranked among all the web pages upon an organic search being performed. A website got to be on top of the rank in order to grow yourself amidst huge competition in your niche. 

Crawl rate is another important term, directly associated with webpage speed. A website that has got its speed optimized can result in faster crawl rates. Faster crawl rates are very important for increasing organic traffic on a webpage.

Benefits of Fast Loading Website

Better Rankings

Lesser will be the Page Loading time, better will be the Website ranking in Google search Engine. Check your website Page speed here

Improved Bounce Rate

The faster opening website will serve the user with Better image and content which will help to reduce the bounce rate.

Brand Value

Faster sites create good impressions and brand awareness. With slow loading sites, people may have a negative perception of the website holder. So better loading site has good brand value.

Client Satisfaction & Retention

If the website is faster, Users may shop more than the desired products. It brings loyalty to the user while visiting the website.

Better User Experience

If the website is faster, the user may like to explore other web pages & services. On the other hand, poor page speed may hurdle the user experience.

Higher Conversions

Every millisecond is important for users to react or to get influenced. Faster loading sites will trigger customers to take a call to action speedily.

More Page Views & Engagement

Faster site means user-friendly web pages which will increase the Page Views & Engagement. More time they will spend on the website, more will be the leads.

Experiencing Page Speeds Problem!! Let us analyze the Website & offer you the best solution in terms of improved Page Loading Time!!
Page Speed Optimization Process
Auditing the Website
Identify page Speed Issues
Website Backup
Error Fixing
Maintenance & Reporting
Page Speed Optimization Services We Offer
Website Page Speed Audit
Creating Website Back-up
Looking after Security
Wordpress Clean-up
Images Optimization
Database Optimization
Fonts Optimization
Site coding optimization
Unnecessary Scripts Removal
Minify CSS & Javascripts
Gzip Compression
Page caching
Lazy Loading Integration
Browser Caching
DNS Prefetching
Enabling cache preloading
Other Optimizations
Established Techniques Of Effective Webpage Speed Optimization

When you are aware of the importance of web page Speed Optimization, the next thing you should be looking at is the techniques through which you can get the task done effectively. Following are some established techniques of webpage speed optimization: 

Every webpage has content with the mix of text and images combined with other elements as well. Your webpage can take the while if you have not taken care of the size and format of the images included on your web page. You have got to ensure that the images included as part of your content do not occupy larger bandwidth as it can affect the loading time directly. This can be done by simply compressing the size of your images using any photo editor. Also, one must sure that the images are in commonly used formats such as jpg or png. You can take the help of CSS to optimize the images.
Redirects are the URL change that occurs when a user requests a piece of information from the web page. A website having too many redirects can keep a visitor waiting to have access to the information one seeks. Reduced number of redirects can lead to faster access to information and faster loading speed.
There is no doubt that plugins are necessary to a certain degree for a webpage but having too many of them can negatively affect your website. Plugins for social media sharing are no doubt very important to be included, but unnecessary plugins should always be avoided to ensure fast loading of web pages.
It is advised that the owners of the website should never use more than one tracking scripts to get an idea of the web page stats. Multiple tracking scripts in any content management speed can hinder the loading speed of a web page.
The cookies on your website must have compressed size such that the data stored upon each request has less size which would allow the process to run faster than usual, hence leading to faster loading of web pages.
If you are having CMS Software such as Wordpress etc, then make sure for frequent updates. You may upgrade the server as well and update software and make testing for their better performance.
Make sure to keep your Website’s JS & CSS in eternal files so that it could not affect the page speed while loading. External JS & CSS files are easy to maintain as well.
Optimizing the Caches will allow the users to have great speed downloading of contents & Images as all these will restore in caches. Subsequent downloading hampers page speed. So make sure to correct the caches, as it will save the network, reduce bandwidth and hosting costs as well. A developer can help to correct the caches on static & dynamic both sites, by working on various components such as images, CSS, scripts, Flashes, etc.
Place javascript files at the end of the body or use the 'async' attribute to load them asynchronously.

Compress the heavy files as we do on PC to save the space. zipping or comprising the files will improve the page speed, saves bandwidth, download time etc..

The above techniques can lead to effective page Speed Optimization without the need of doing anything out of the box.

There are various other techniques that can help you with the cause of decreasing the loading time of your web page. Every website on the internet should be aware of the few important techniques of optimizing the webpage speed as the websites must be having an aim to grow themselves and speed is what the world demands right now. So, in Short, please do the needful in terms of:-

  • Minify CSS, JavaScript, HTML & Other scripts
  • Enable Compression and G-zipping
  • Optimizing browser caches
  • Remove directs and HTTP redirects
  • Remove render-blocking JavaScript
  • Improve server response time
  • Use CDN or Content Delivery network

Q. How long does page speed optimization take?

Ans. It depends on the website types, content, and hosting, etc. Although maximum time can be 10-15 working days to accomplish the complete Procedure. An e-commerce site may take a month as well.

Q. Why we need these Services?

Ans. If you are having an online campaign running, a slow loading website will finish your paid budget with zero or less conversion, no matter what discounts you are offering. To beat the cut-throat competition, you must be easily available to users.

Q. Will this process will stop my website for some time?

Ans. No, It will not happen as we first analyze the website and each step involved in the optimization process. We do restore the backup of the website before starting the process. 

Q. How can we measure the current page speed of our website?

Ans. There are various tools to measure the current speed, although you may take help go Google PageSpeed Insights. You may also seek the help of SEO Tech Experts which will offer the page Speed report at Free of Cost.

Q. Can You Fix the Issues in Wordpress Website?

Ans. Yes, we optimize the Wordpress website as well. If the current version of the website is not compatible, we may ask you to make the new website or buy a new Wordpress version or plugins.

Q. Can you transfer my website to another website hosting server?

Ans. Yes Of course, if it is required to improve the website page loading speed. Make sure your web server should be compatible with the version of the website you have.

Q. What would be required from the Client to improve the page Speed?

Ans. We need to complete C-panel or hosting details to improve the website speed. We take the liability of your Data security and safety.

Q. Do You recommend using CDN?

Ans. Yes, Website having more images or E-Commerce website, we recommend using CDN. It won't bring the immediate impact of the website and will improve the page speed to a great extent without diminishing the Image quality.  

Q. Is the Page Speed optimization Process Expensive?

Ans. No, It is not that very much expensive. Although the cost of Page Speed optimization will depend on the west type such as Wordpress, static, customized, e-commerce, or others. You may get the quote by calling at 9871280005. 

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