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Marketing is the backbone of any business, and every day new marketing techniques are being introduced in the field. If you want your business to thrive, you need to adopt the new marketing techniques and change with time.

One such marketing technique that has revolutionized how you would advertise your product or service is performance marketing. As the market is changing every day, so are its customers.

The only drawback of conventional marketing is that the advertiser never knows how their ad affected the audience and converted more viewers into potential customers.

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What are the benefits of Performance-based marketing?

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Tracking performance:

Withthe help of SEO Tech Experts, you can start keeping track of your Performance as soon as you launch the campaign. Unlike conventional methods, you do not have to wait until the end of the month to compare the sales graphs and draw a conclusion; instead, with the help of special tools, you can get deep and accurate insights from the very first day.

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The risk factor is low

AtSEO Tech Experts, we want you to be safe and be at the lowest possible risk when you begin a campaign because- firstly, we care for you and secondly, we care for our image too. Any failed campaign questions our expertise, and we make sure not to let anyone down.

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Focus on ROI

The basic concept of performance marketing is that it focuses on the end goals like:

CPC (cost per click): The price charged by the marketing agency for every click that is done on the given link.
CPL (cost per lead): The set cost for every lead generated through the campaign.
CPA (cost per appointment): The revenue generated by the marketing agency every time an appointment is made through the campaign
CPS (cost per sale): The commission that the agency gets for the sales in return for their advertisement.
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SEO Tech Experts’ approach towards performance marketing:

1. Setting a goal:

Beginning with clarity, the most crucial part of any campaign. If you know what your goal is and where you want to reach it, it becomes much easier for SEO Tech Experts to devise a perfect plan according to your needs. But even if you are not clear about your goal, worry not! Our team of experts will understand you and your company and test campaigns to get to know you better.

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2. Choosing a Digital channel:

Many digital channels can be used to display your advertisement. While you can use only one digital channel, it is always wiser to choose more than one digital channel to reach better and compare the results from different channels.

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3. Creation and launching of the campaign:

Once everything is sorted, you can now go on to put the campaign to work. This is where you have to use your marketing gimmicks and creativity to attract your audience and gain their trust. Try to keep your ad as simple and as informative as possible- being careful not to overdo the information part.

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4. Trace the Performance:

AtSEO Tech Experts, there is great clarity and detailed analysis that helps you start tracing the Performance soon as you launch the campaign. Getting deep insights about how your advertisement is doing online on the digital channels helps you improvise the strategies.

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5. Improvise:

The results concluded after tracing the Performance give a very deep insight concerning your campaign progress. This means that you get to know in detail exactly where the faults are (if there are any). This helps you work on a weakness to enhance general productivity and growth.

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Why choose SEO Tech Experts?

The SEO Tech Expertsis aPerformance marketing agency Mumbaithat understands you and strives to achieve perfection in whatever task we undertake. Our experts do not think of your project as "Just another task," but we build relationships as we understand that every client is important, and so is every project. We are extremely approachable, and you can demand the progress report of the campaign anytime you want to, and we will be more than happy to explain how everything works.

Difference between digital marketing and performance marketing?

Performance marketing and digital marketing are not very different from one another; in fact, performance marketing is a form of digital marketing. In digital marketing, the price is paid for optimizing the website according to a search engine, whereas in performance marketing, the price is paid per unit result.

Is Performance marketing only for online businesses?

The clear answer is no- performance marketing can be used to advertise any business online, big or small, online or offline. There is no restriction as to who can qualify for performance marketing.

Why is performance marketing so beneficial?

Aperformance marketing agency MumbailikeSEO Tech Expertsgives you many performance tools that gather data and give you deep, accurate insights for your campaign. These insights ensure that you optimize your plans more effectively. You will know exactly which area needs improvement and where you are doing well.

What are KPIs?

KPIs or key performance indicators are those set parameters which measure the performance of the campaign. Some major KPIs are- CPC (cost per click), CPL (cost per lead), CPA (cost per appointment), CPS (cost per sale), etc.

How is performance marketing different from conventional marketing?

Performance marketing agency MumbailikeSEO Tech Expertsit is a completely regulated, objective approach towards marketing. As opposed to the conventional methods where the client pays for a particular spot of advertisement online or offline without even getting to know whether that is affecting his audience or not, performance marketing is, in fact, performance-based. You can even understand your audience and their behaviour patterns better and thus improve your ideas.

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