How To Target Multiple Cities/Location Without Impacting Your SEO

Multiple  location SEO

With a number of large updates, including those in March, April, and August it has been an interesting year in Google-land. People have shared and written at length about the related data of those months’ updates. But one thing which hasn’t been discussed much about the August update is that about brand authority. With general authority, one can increase rankings for sites and this was an adjustment which makes an impact to the March and April updates.

You may have faced the situation when you needed to target people in multiple cities. You must rank your keywords in city names such as 'SEO services in Gurgaon' or 'best SEO services in Gurgaon,' for example.

Do you believe that keywords that target several cities will assist your SEO? Local SEO is the answer to this question. Whether you remain with one landing page per place or delve deep into location-based mini-blogs, targeting numerous cities should be recognised as an important component of your SEO strategy.

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Why local SEO is important?

Local SEO is the practise of optimising search engine results for local searches.

As a local business owner, you may believe there is no point in investing time and money to optimise your Google presence when you're competing for top rankings websites. They may be superior in the main organic listings, but it is not true for local search.

Local SEO allows you to connect with people in your neighbourhood, town, or city, whether you have a physical brick-and-mortar location or serve a specific geographical area. This is significant because 81% of consumers now use Google to evaluate local businesses.

Local search is an essential component of any SEO strategy that targets customers in a particular region, city, or neighbourhood. Local SEO is where you should concentrate your efforts in order to improve your rankings and visibility in local search results such as Google's Map.

Organic SEO is the process of improving webpage rankings in organic search results. How your website ranks in those organic results can also have an impact on your Local Pack rankings?

When Google determines that the query has local intent, organic listings are another great opportunity for your local business to appear in front of motivated searchers.

This Is Why Local SEO Is Essential

This Is Why Local SEO Is Essential

Assume you own a general store shop in Gurgaon. Your ideal customer is all local residents who is actively searching for household items in nearby areas. On the other hand, organic search results, are dominated by renowned brands such as top ten lists, and blogs.

This makes it difficult to compete and difficult to imagine a path for the residents to take to your store. If you do local SEO, you will appear at the top of the search results and in the Local Pack, with useful information such as opening and closing hours, cell number, location, actual image, and your five-star review ratings.

The locals can see that you're nearby, provide excellent service, and can easily plan a visit or call your store. You're now in with a chance to make a greater sale.

Business Types That Require Local Seo

Here Are The Top 10 Advantages Of Local SEO

 Top 10 Advantages Of Local SEO

1. Increased Online Visibility

Many local SEO activities will not only help you improve your visibility in local search results, but will also help you improve your overall online visibility.

Quotation building is an important aspect of local SEO. This entails increasing the number of times your company's name, physical address, and phone number appear in directories, social media profiles, and online review platforms.

Because you'll be doing this in as many different places as possible, it will be easier for your company to be discovered by the right people (those interested in your specific product or service in their local area) at the right time (when they're actively looking for a business like yours).

2. Increased In-Store Foot Traffic

Increased local visibility can help drive more foot traffic to your physical location, whether it's a cafe, dry cleaner, or hardware store. If you've spent a lot of money on specialised equipment, created an innovative space, or have a physical location because your products are best experienced in person, increasing the number of people who stop by can help you create a buzz about your space and make more sales.

3. Focus On The Local Shopping Boom

Consumer shopping habits have shifted dramatically in recent years. One of the most notable is that when it comes to purchasing decisions, today's consumers increasingly prioritise local businesses.

According to research, consumers are thinking smaller and preferring to prioritise small, local, independent businesses over larger, brand-name offerings or experiences. 56% of consumers say they intentionally give their business to local businesses and actively seek out locally sourced products.

More than 76% of consumers also plan to shop more locally in the next 12 months, implying that there is an opportunity for smaller, independent businesses to increase their sales. One of the primary advantages of local SEO is that it places you in front of local consumers right when they need your products or services. As a result, you may be able to fully capitalise on this shift in buyer behaviour to grow your business.

4. Targeted Internet Traffic

Every minute you spend dealing with unqualified leads or people who are unlikely to make a purchase or book a service is money lost as a small business.

Local SEO can help weed out irrelevant traffic and eliminate time drains that keep your business running smoothly, ensuring that your business is only visible to search users in your local area.

With 59% of search users using Google to research an in-store purchase, this can be a significant advantage because it allows you to focus your resources on those customers who are most likely to convert.

5. More Calls And Visits From Google Maps Users

Improving your Google Business Profile can result in increased visibility on Google Maps. Because Google Maps was specifically designed to help users find local services and plan their journeys, this can lead to more calls and in-person visits.

Because Google Maps is populated with information derived from Business Profiles, any Google Business Profile optimization you perform will directly benefit your Maps visibility, increasing the number of calls and in-person visits.

6. Create A Top Leadership Position

To establish prominence and relevance, two of the core pillars of local SEO rankings, content marketing and link building are required. This same activity can help you establish yourself as a thought leader and expert in your field.

Local content marketing should naturally involve you talking about and involving your local area or hometown. This not only strengthens your position as an expert voice, but it can also bring your customers closer to your company, fostering stronger bonds, brand loyalty, and increased engagement.

When you take the time to create locally focused evergreen resources, you are more likely to receive backlinks from other local businesses. These links, whether from a local source such as your town newspaper or an industry-specific site (such as your local chamber of commerce), can all add to your authority and credibility.

7. Increased Dependency

It's no secret that reviews are an important factor in local SEO success and ranking. The more reviews you receive as part of your reputation management strategy, the higher your visibility in local search.

Reviews are also necessary for establishing consumer trust, which is a prerequisite for any business transaction. According to research, more consumers than ever before are reading online reviews on a regular basis, with half saying they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Greater visibility combined with top-rated, new reviews is a winning combination for both local pack prominence and higher levels of consumer trust.

8. Increased Sales

When selecting a local business, consumers use online reviews to aid in their decision-making process. One in every eight people searches the internet for information about a local business more than once a week

Being able to present them with genuine recommendations from their peers for your business as a result of your reputation management activity is a powerful benefit that emphasises the importance of local SEO.

9. Higher Conversion Rates

When asked, "What are the advantages of local SEO?" you can focus on what's trending on Google and leading online platforms, but only consider the news it can have a direct influence on the performance of your website.

Local SEO website optimization tasks such as adding new locally-focused optimization, reviewing landing page text, and working on page load speed all aid in conversion rate optimization.

Following that, you should see an increase in the number of conversions generated by your site, such as more contact form submissions, phone calls, email subscriptions, or sales.

10. Your Business Becomes More Competitive

Benchmarking competitors and identifying what they do better than you are an important part of developing and refining your local SEO strategy. Identifying these areas for improvement (and being able to put what they've learned into practise without the trial-and-error process that may have been required to arrive at a successful strategy) puts your company on a much more competitive footing.

Examining their reviews, for example, may reveal what customers appreciate about their service, allowing you to implement a similar approach in your own business.

What Are Pros And Cons Of City Pages?

Long ago, in the dark ages of SEO, city sites were used to stuff in local keywords in order to achieve higher Google ranks. For instance, you could establish a page and write information about flower delivery.

Then you would duplicate your material over multiple pages, each with a different city in the search. So there's a page for "SEO services Dubai," " SEO service in Dubai," and " SEO services in Dubai," all with the same information.

Such spamming practise was quickly identified by Google and may lose your ranking. When it released the Panda Update, it made sure to detect and penalise sites that were doing it. So, certainly, city pages can be detrimental to your SEO and penalise your site.

Make Your Most Important City Pages Unique

Make Your Most Important City Pages Unique

If you wish to list all the cities in a region, simply list them on the page; in most situations, each city does not require its own page to rank. Write unique content for each location or city to differentiate the pages.

On first page, simply list all of the cities you serve. Alternatively, you can create separate pages for each city. When you do this, make sure the content on each page is unique and SEO optimized.

Top Local Search Optimization Tips

1. Make use of Google My Business

Keep in mind that Google's purpose is to organise information and make it available to online searchers. Its purpose is to provide them with just what they are looking for.

That is, if they can authenticate your company, you will have a better chance of ranking in the SERPs. Google My Business is the only answer.

Google will be confident in sharing your material with searchers if you register on Google My Business. The good news is that Google My Business is both free and simple to use.

Simply create an account, claim your business, and include as much information about it as possible. Photos and customer reviews (along with replying to reviews) can also aid in the optimization of your Google My Business account.

2. Be A Part Of Google's Local Map Pack

Have you ever done a local search and received three featured choices from Google? Searchers are likely to choose one of them and seek no further for their plumbing needs.

And, with the proper procedures, you can become a member of this local Map Pack. Here are three steps you may do to improve your chances of landing one of the three coveted spots.

Register for Google My Business

Register for Google My Business

As previously stated, Google favours sites that it has validated for Google My Business. Your free Google company listing (also known as your Business Profile) has more potential than you may realise.

When properly designed, it highlights your best characteristics and makes it simple for customers to find, learn about, and contact your company. However, in order to fully optimise your Business Profile, you must first have access to it, and in order to gain access, you must first authenticate with Google that you are the rightful owner.

While it seems to be as upfront as "step one to build, step two to claim, and step three to verify," but the process is neither simple nor linear as you may have predicted if you're reading this piece. This is due to the fact that it necessitates three distinct Google accounts and two distinct Google platforms.

Give Google All of Your Information

Provide Google with all of your company's information, including its name, address, phone number, and open/close hours. Photos and other forms of media can work well.

Make Use of Your Reviews

The better your reviews, the more likely you are to be listed on Google's local Map Pack.

3. Create An Internal Linking Structure

Did you know that changing your internal linking structure can help you improve your SEO? External links connecting to your site are certainly beneficial. If you can't acquire them yet, internal linking will come in handy:

  • Improve the navigation on your website
  • Show Google which pages on your site are the most significant
  • Improve the architecture of your website
  • All of these things will help you rank better on Google and boost your chances of being discovered by someone conducting a local search.

    4. Create Your NAP Citations

  • NAP is an acronym for the name, address, and phone number
  • In general, it refers to your internet business information
  • Your website should be the first place you put your NAP
  • This information can always be entered near the bottom of your homepage, where visitors expect to find it.

    5. Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

    Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

    Do you do the following if you wake up in the middle of the night to find your bathroom flooded with water from an exploding faucet:

  • Do a local search for the best emergency plumber on your laptop?
  • Enter "emergency plumber" into your Chrome app on your phone.
  • If it's 3 a.m., you probably choose the option for mobile
  • People don't only prefer smartphones over laptops at late nights. It's something they do all the time. A mobile device accounts for around 52% of all website traffic. All of this means that your site must be mobile-friendly if you want to rank well on Google, especially for local SEO.

    You're probably reading this on a mobile device. If you don't like how the page is laid out or the content is difficult to understand, you'll probably look elsewhere for the information you seek. Consider the flip side of the issue and how many customers you could lose if your website is not mobile-friendly.

    When we say 'optimised,' we mean that your website should appear great on tiny displays. It should also be quick to load and simple to navigate and interact with. If you can do it for a mobile device, your site should look great on a full desktop screen as well.

    Here Are Six Mobile-Friendly Website Design Tips

  • Make sure your website is responsive and fits well on various screen sizes
  • Make sure the buttons are not too small to be focused
  • Large fonts should be prioritized by users
  • Pop-ups and text-blockers are out
  • Put your most crucial information in the spotlight
  • Choose mobile-friendly themes if you're using WordPress
  • Are You Prepared To Target Local SEO?

    Your company is up and running, and you're eager to attract those loyal consumers. However, a few questions remain as you enhance your website.

  • To make or not to make city pages?
  • Is it wise to invest time in local SEO on your website?
  • The truth is that local SEO may help you tremendously.
  • However, you must execute it right such that it benefits your site rather than harms.
  • Put yourself in your consumers' shoes as a decent rule of thumb.
  • Conclusion

    A comprehensive guide to local SEO for businesses will help you to enhance your business catchment area and become standout. Start with these resources if you're ready to develop your own local SEO plan as per your location.

    You may evaluate your site and create a data-driven SEO strategy to boost your ranks, increase traffic, and dominate local search. Local SEO, unlike other forms of advertising, may target both desktop and mobile site visitors.

    With the surge of smartphone searches for local services, this can be very beneficial to small businesses. According to Search Engine Land, an estimated 79% of all mobile phone owners and 81% of tablet owners use their devices for local services.

    This means that local SEO that is geared for mobile search can be extremely beneficial for local businesses trying to market their products and services. With more mobile searches than ever before, taking advantage of mobile, local SEO is an essential.

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