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Performance marketing is a kind of concept where the insights of a particular campaign can be traced easily, and thus the marketer comes to know what effect a particular advertisement has on the audience. Not only does it measure the interest shown by the audience, but it can also determine what kind of people interact with the ad and how many viewers become potential buyers.

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What are the benefits of Performance-based marketing?

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In-depth analysis:

main fundamentals of Performance marketing are laid down based on in-depth analysis. At SEO Tech Experts, you can be assured that our experts will keep a transparent record of your campaign and perform a wise in-depth analysis of all the data owing to their sincerity and experience to make the best out of your resources.

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Better results:

The ultimate aim of SEO Tech Experts in particular and performance marketing is general is to focus on improving the results. Therefore, we do not hypothetically estimate results and set prices for our services; rather, our prices are charged due to our campaign. 

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Better customer reach:

The insights given through performance marketing are so vivid that you get to know exactly when, where and what kind of customers are attracted to your campaign. Accordingly, you can modify your advertising style or platform to filter out and reach maximally those who might be potential customers.

SEO Tech Experts's approach towards performance marketing:

1. Determination of the Campaign goal

First things first, you need to be clear about what you expect from the campaign so that we can be clear too and come up with the best scheme to complement your Idea. Then, the SEO Tech Experts understands your needs and accordingly proposes a plan of action.

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2. Choosing a Digital channel

A digital channel is the platform on which your campaign is going to run. There may be only one digital channel, but most performance marketers aim to choose more than one such channel to ensure a greater reach.

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3. Creation and launching of the campaign

Here is where advertising creativity skills are used. This is the least technical and most important part where you create the advertisement as it is supposed to be seen by the customers. You need to make it look attractive and give just enough details to catch their attention and intrigue them.

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4. Trace the Performance

Once the campaign runs on the various digital channels, we at SEO Tech Experts keep tracing the progress at every step and analyzing the same. This means that we don't have to wait for the end of the campaign to compute the results- we keep getting to know about it at every step, every day!

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Improvise: The deep insights & analysis give you and us a chance to work on our weaknesses & improvise.

Why choose SEO Tech Experts?

SEO Tech Experts is a Performance marketing agency Delhi that understands you, your business and your needs. We not only focus on advertising, but we build a relationship with you to get to know you better to work together as a team for mutual progress. With our experts, you can be assured of getting the best results and the most trustworthy relations.

How is performance marketing different from digital marketing?

Digital marketing and performance marketing are not very different from one another. Performance marketing can be considered a branch of digital marketing where the results are traced according to different criteria as decided by the client. Digital marketing is more subjective, whereas performance marketing is more of an objective approach.

How is performance marketing an objective approach?

If you consider digital marketing, the main idea is to optimize a page platform for better reach on a search engine. In performance marketing, this "reach" is calculated by different parameters such as clicks, downloads, number of subscribers, etc.

Is performance marketing only for an online business?

Performance marketing can be extremely beneficial for your business- a business is an offline or an online business. Performance marketing is just about creating a better reach for your product or service and tracing and analysing it.

What are KPIs?

KPIs or key performance indicators are those set parameters that measure the Performance of the campaign. Some major KPIs are- CPC (cost per click), CPL (cost per lead), CPA (cost per appointment), CPS (cost per sale), etc.

How is performance marketing different from conventional marketing?

Performance marketing agency Delhi like SEO Tech Experts is an object-oriented approach towards marketing. In conventional marketing methods, a person would pay for an advertisement to be broadcasted or published. Would never know how many people did that advertisement effect and how many people are being drawn towards their product or service through that advertisement. In performance marketing, a lot of clarity in this respect.

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