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Performance marketing is a kind of business-boosting strategy also applied by performance marketing agency Gurgaon, which is targeted at focusing on results rather than building a hypothetical situation.

Performance marketing, as the name suggests, is based on certain criteria of action that are computed and according to that the progress of the campaign is determined.

Performance marketing is a very vast concept that encompasses different ways of measuring the performance of a particular campaign ranging from cost per mile, cost per click, cost per action to lifetime value.

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What are the benefits of Performance based marketing?

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Wider range

In case of performance marketing, many digital marketing channels can be used simultaneously at a particular time to cover a wider area and meet specific goals. This ensures that you reach out to a wider variety of people and the chances of your service or product sale increases.

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Lower risk due to ROI focus

At SEO Tech Experts, we make sure that a campaign is put at the lowest risk by focusing on the end result along with the initiation in the first place. This makes fault analysis very easy and the faults can be easily rectified as well which puts your business and advertising Investments at a very low risk.

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Quick rectification

It is highly unlikely to get the perfect results through an ad in the first attempt. With the help of the high-end performance tracking tools of performance marketing agency Gurgaon, you can get deep insights and improvise your campaign according to the change in the market.

SEO Tech Experts’ approach towards performance marketing:

1. Strategizing

Every project is different and therefore it needs a unique strategy. Thus, we at SEO Tech Experts really aim at understanding your need and developing a strategy best suited for you. The ultimate aim of the strategy can be anything like:

  • 1. Creating brand awareness,
  • 2. Increasing traffic to a particular website
  • 3. Retargeting a particular group of people to recreate awareness for starting a project
  • 4. Get engagement on a post
  • 5. Generate leads for any project
  • 6. Sell a product or service
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2. Target audience

The main aim of marketing is to pitch the right audience so that you can convert them into potential customers. Once we have understood your aim, we device an entire outline about how your advertisement can affect which kind of people and accordingly decide the target audience.

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3. Execution or implementation

Ultimately when everything is ready, we just need to launch the campaign by putting the plan to action. We initially run Test campaigns to understand how does it affect the network.

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4. Optimization

As the campaign runs, we get deep insights about how the campaign is running and what loopholes do we catch in it. These loopholes can be easily rectified owing to the detailed analysis done by SEO Tech Experts.

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Why Chooses SEO Tech Experts?

SEO Tech Experts is a Performance marketing agency Gurgaon that has established its authenticity and proved its performance by showing consistent results. We aim at not only providing service but building that relationship of trust and security that we carry beyond business. Our team of experienced experts pick up each project with the new mind set so as to ensure your evolution in our company as well. Our company is the best when it comes to transparency and support.

Is there a difference between performance marketing and digital marketing?

The essence of both performance and digital marketing is inter related to each other, as both of these marketing takes place on the net. Performance marketing is actually performance based where a campaign gets run, and then efforts are calculated on the basis of the viewers

What makes affiliate marketing differ from performance marketing?

Digital marketing, affiliate marketing and performance marketing are all interrelated terms with minor differences which set them apart. Affiliate marketing is carried out by promoting the product or service on an affiliate network, performance marketing can be used on any digital channel and hence it is a more general term.

Why is performance marketing so beneficial?

A performance marketing agency Gurgaon like SEO Tech Experts gives you the best way to launch a campaign which is new and experimental. This is because the insights are so detailed that you will know exactly where the loopholes lie and that makes it very easy for you to come up with a solution.

What are KPIs?

KPIs or key performance indicators are those set parameters which measure the performance of the campaign. Some major KPIs are- CPC (cost per click), CPL (cost per lead), CPA (cost per appointment), CPS (cost per sale), etc.

How is performance marketing different from conventional marketing?

Performance marketing agency Gurgaon like SEO Tech Experts it is a very regulated approach towards marketing. In conventional marketing, you cannot control your marketing technique or get to know about its progress or collect data. But in the case of performance marketing, you can start computing the feedback as soon as you launch the campaign and you keep getting the feedback till the campaign runs.
This way you can easily gauge how your campaign has fared against the time period

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